No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2750

Ruddy stammered out, “Can we no longer go back?”

Jackie nodded, speechless. He did not really want to say anything else. Rudy looked up hopelessly at the sunless sky.

Jackie could not stop himself from rolling his eyes, not bothering with Rudy anymore. He started to continue moving forward. He needed to find somewhere to make camp at that moment, or at least find others who had entered the Whirling World as well.

He wanted to talk to them, to ask them if there were any dangers around. No matter how bad Rudy felt, Rudy still knew that he could not leave Jackie at that moment. Otherwise, he would probably end up being killed by someone before the next day.

He ran after Jackie, “Actually, we could have followed a larger team here. After all, the more people we have, the stronger we would be!”

For safety’s sake, Elder Maurice had arranged for a large team from Phoenix Valley to enter the Whirling World. Basically, every major force had that arrangement. After all, there was strength in numbers. Even those who had ill intentions would not offend them. However, Jackie rejected it.

Rudy had planned on following the larger group into the Whirling World, but Rudy had rejected it after Jackie did as well. Compared to anyone else, Rudy felt like Jackie was more reliable.

Jackie glanced at Rudy, not hiding his thoughts, “Even though following a large group will give us more assurances, there will be a lot of trouble as well. You would need to accept any arrangements, and fight against everyone else. There is strength in numbers, but who knows what kind of trouble will pop up in the face of any valuable resources. Moving alone is much better. “

Jackie hated fighting against others the most. The Phoenix Valley’s group were all scheming sorts. He did not want to bother those people. Moving alone was Jackie’s favorite thing anyway. So, when Elder Maurice suggested that he move with the large group, Jackie rejected it without a second thought. Rudy sighed helplessly, Jackie was right in the end.

He did not want to mix around with people he did not know. Someone like him, who was not really that strong in martial combat and alchemy, would basically be cannon fodder for those people.

The two of them no longer dwell on the specifics. After determining a direction, they continued to move forward. Before coming over, Jackie had found out what he could about the Whirling World.

The Whirling World was incredibly large. Even if it was not as big as Middle Province, it was almost that size. After walking for a long time, they still saw only desolate wastelands. They did not know when they could get out, nor did they know when they would find traces of the ancient city.

It took them till noon the second day to get out of the wasteland. Morning of the third day, they saw remnants of a small city. The moment they saw the city walls, they could not control their excitement. After making sure that it was a city wall, the two of them moved forward impatiently.

Rudy’s face was all smiles, “I thought that we would have to walk a few more days to see anything! It would be better if he had a map, but we’re just moving around blindly. We really did manage to find it. How lucky we are!”


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