No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2749

Jackie narrowed his eyes, naturally not answering his question. With a wave of his sword, a pitch-black slash headed right toward the tall man’s forehead.

The tall man raised his sword to stop it, but his skill was nothing compared to Jackie’s Destroying the Void. With a clash, the slash shattered the tall man‘s sword. The black glow entered the tall man’s forehead in a flash.

Jackie did not hold back at the slash. Before the man could even cry out in pain, his soul was completely shattered. He fell from the air and slammed onto the ground just like the scarred man.

Looking down, his chest was no longer moving. He was already dead. Rudy was so scared his breathing had even stopped. He was shuddering and sobbing, not reacting to anything at all.

Jackie grabbed Rudy’s arm, “Quit dreaming. Let’s leave this place right now!”

Rudy was pulled by Jackie just like that, as they ran toward the northern direction. The two of them advanced for three hours before they stopped. Only then did Rudy snap back to reality.

Jackie glanced at Rudy, “It’s not like you’ve never had your life on the line before. It’s just two people, do you need to react like this?”

Rudy shuddered, slowly composing himself. His body was still trembling slightly, but he slowly started to speak, “I was just frightened. I never expected to encounter something like this the moment we entered the Whirling World. If you were any later, I’d definitely have been killed by that guy. This is the closest I’ve ever been to dying!”

Those words actually reminded Jackie that, even though Rudy knew how to fight, he was still an alchemist in the end. Rudy merely learned combat to extend his life. He had never gone through a true battle. The only time he had truly seen a big conflict was the experience before they entered Phoenix Valley. It might have been an incredibly trying time, but Rudy’s life had not been directly threatened.

It was different this time. The tall man’s sword had been aimed right at his head.

Jackie remembered that Rudy’s whole body had been stiff earlier, probably going numb from fear. Jackie’s lips twitched helplessly as he reached out to pat Rudy on the arm.

“I thought you were already mentally prepared before coming in. I can’t believe you don’t seem prepared for what we’ll encounter at all. Battles like this are just appetizers!”

“They’re just appetizers?” Rudy’s mouth was gaping wide, tears were threatening to fall from his eyes.

Looking at him, Jackie felt even more helpless. It seemed like Rudy was really inexperienced. After all, Jackie had encountered all sorts of battles before. Before he entered the Whirling World, he had naturally expected even more battles over resources. Rudy did not know that. Rudy had thought that he just needed to play his part and he would be able to peacefully go through two years. Then, he would be able to safely return to Hestia Continent and live his peaceful days.

Realizing that he had been wrong in his thoughts, Rudy almost cried. He swallowed as he said, “I can’t believe this place is even more dangerous than Phoenix Valley. I wouldn’t have come here if I knew. If it weren’t for you, I’d have been split into two just now!”

He was even more scared as he thought about it. His whole body shuddered. Jackie did not know what to say at that point. Rudy had entered the Whirling World without understanding anything, he really was special.


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