No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2748

Right after that, a soul-tearing energy went through the sword in his hand into his body. The scarred man widened his eyes, full of disbelief. The skill he had thought would kill Jackie instantly had disappeared immediately after clashing with Jackie’s sword. It could not even hold on for a second.

The soul-tearing pain immediately spread throughout his body. It was the first time the scarred man felt such pain. After that, the man fell from the air with a bang. He violently fell to the stone ground.

Jackie let out a cold smile.

Did the guy not pause to consider that Jackie entered the Whirling World because he had the skills?

If someone really did so, it proved that his opponent was dumb. However, the world was filled with idiots. Even though his whole body was reeling in horrifying pain, the scarred man obstinately looked at Jackie.

At that moment, the scarred man no longer regarded Jackie as lightly as he did before. Instead, he looked at Jackie as if he was looking at a monster.

Was Jackie really an alchemist? Why was an alchemist so strong?

His lower Earth grade technique was not able to hold on for a single second before it was completely shattered by that alchemist’s skill. He even wondered if the alchemist was using a Heaven Grade technique.

He shouted with the last of his energy, “Who the hell are you? You’re definitely not an alchemist!”

What were the scarred man‘s last living words?

In the next second, his soul was completely destroyed by Destroying the Void.

At that moment, Rudy shouted miserably, “Jackie, save me!”

Jackie frowned, exploding forward toward the direction. He did not take long to deal with the scarred man, and thankfully, Rudy had run far enough that the tall man had not caught up with Rudy yet. Everything had happened too quickly, and the tall man had yet to notice that the scarred man was killed instantly. At that moment, Rudy was the only person in the tall man’s eyes.

Jackie took a deep breath as he activated the laws of space. With a speed indiscernible to the eyes, he rapidly approached the tall man.

The man sneered, “There’s no point shouting! No one can save you!”

However, the moment he said that a cold voice was heard behind him, “Is that so?”

The man’s whole body stiffened as he abruptly turned around. He noticed Jackie, who should have already died to the scarred man, already right behind him. The tall man was full of shock, but his shock did not last that long. The two of them had wanted to deal with Jackie and Rudy as quickly as possible.

Jackie naturally wanted to deal with them quickly as well. They were in no man’s land. It was better to leave as soon as they could!

“How are you here?!” The tall man shouted.

As he shouted, he noticed the scarred man lying down on the ground, unmoving, behind Jackie. At that moment, the tall man realized that they had targeted the wrong people. Those two alchemists were no simple characters.

The tall man felt a chill around his body. He abruptly looked up and shouted, “Stop! I have something to say!”


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