No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2747

“The two of them are about to attack! What should we do?”

Jackie sighed helplessly, “Go and hide for now. Find somewhere further away. Don’t get hurt from the shockwaves!”

Those words successfully calmed Rudy down. Jackie was basically his stabilizing factor. Jackie had always been a logical person. As long as Jackie was calm, there was nothing to be afraid of.

Rudy hurriedly ran to the side, not forgetting to shout as he did, “Be careful! These two are still in the spring solidifying realm in the end. Don’t underestimate them, going one against two!”

Rudy actually knew that everything he said was useless, but he could still not stop himself. After all, he had not done anything to help at all.

The scarred man could not help but laugh coldly at Rudy, “You should worry about yourself!”

After he said that, the scarred man and the tall man rushed right at Jackie. The two of them held a long blade in hand, rushing at Jackie with similar weapons.

The scarred man and the tall man ended up splitting up, one heading to Jackie while one rushed towards Rudy. The two of them planned on finishing the fight quickly. Jackie raised an eyebrow.

They were actually not bad. They did not delay things and decided to just hurry and end the battle. If they had been facing the usual weak alchemist, things would have gone the way they wanted.

The one rushing towards Jackie was the scarred man. At that moment, he had a pleased smile on his face. He held his sword in both hands as he slashed right at Jackie. His sword was filled with a bloody aura, and the bloody aura formed the shape of many skulls in the air. The skulls were like angry spirits in hell. They seemed to only be willing to rest after ripping Jackie to shred.

Jackie snorted as his gray sword appeared in his hands. Seventy-five Soul Swords were condensed in a flash. With a clap, the seventy-five Soul Swords condensed into the gray sword in Jackie’s hand. After the swords merged with the sword, they let out a black glow. Jackie narrowed his eyes slightly as he exploded forward!

The scarred man never expected Jackie to dare to face him head-on. He had thought the alchemist would know his place, and frantically run away. However, the thought only lingered in his mind for a short moment, since Jackie was already right in front of him.

The scarred man let out an angered roar as the bloody aura’s skulls slashed down at Jackie with his sword!

The scarred man was incredibly confident in his move. Even though he had never joined any clans, he was still lucky enough to find a few lower Earth Grade skills. He had already gotten that skill up to the first stage.

The scarred man felt like even inner disciples within those clans were no match for him, let alone an alchemist that was not even at the spring solidifying realm!

That technique was all he needed to kill that alchemist who did not know his place! With that thought in mind, a slashing sound could be heard at the next moment.


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