No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2746

The two of them fearlessly discussed what to do with Jackie and Rudy right in front of Jackie and Rudy. They even mentioned wanting to turn them into slaves.

Rudy’s face was steely, he was so angry his whole body shook. Yet, he did not dare to say anything at that moment. All he could do was place all his hopes on Jackie.

Jackie frowned, not saying anything as he calmly looked at the two bandits.

The tall and lanky man saw that Jackie’s expression was incredibly calm as if nothing was happening. The man could not help but let out a cold laugh, “I can’t believe you’re actually so brave. Could the two of you think that you’ll be able to run just because the two of us are currently at the late stage of the innate level?”

Jackie frowned, still not saying anything.

The tall man let out a cold laugh as he continued, “This is the Whirling World. I guess you still haven’t fully memorized the rules since you just arrived here! Let me tell you right now, our strength is just restricted to the late stage of the innate level thanks to the Whirling World’s rules! The both of us were already at the spring solidifying realm a long time ago in the Hestia Continent!”

The mention of the spring solidifying realm caused Rudy’s heart to thump loudly. He was just the early stage of the innate realm, it was a far cry from the spring solidifying realm. In Rudy’s eyes, the spring solidifying realm’s experts were unbeatable.

With that in mind, he could not help but look up at Jackie. He had seen Jackie fighting before and knew that Jackie was already at the spring solidifying the realm as well.

Could Jackie fight two against one?

They were two spring solidifying realm fighters in front of him. Could Jackie beat them?

Rudy got more and more nervous as he thought about it, and could not help but grab Jackie’s sleeve.

Jackie let out a laugh, “So you’re just two pieces of trash not worth looking at. You’re just hiding here to ambush weaker fighters and steal spirit crystals.”

They were at the entrance of the transfer array. Anyone who wanted to enter the Whirling World would need to go through that large transfer array. The Whirling World only had about two dozen or so entrances. The entrances were all basically destinations of the transfer array.

Normally, there would be two separate transfer arrays. One for entering, and one for exiting, but there was only one to the Whirling World. Only entering was possible.

Each entrance had a few designated spots, and the two bandits deliberately hid in the dark knowing that. They observed those who entered the Whirling World. If the newcomers were strong or had the numbers advantage, they would keep hiding. If they met anyone who was weak or who looked particularly tempting, they would jump out to rob them.

The two of them happily ran out of their hiding spot the moment they saw Jackie and Rudy’s attire. Alchemists were normally never poor. Furthermore, alchemists fully focused on refining pills and were normally not that strong.

The scarred man snorted, “These two are just pretending to be calm! I refuse to believe they didn’t know the rules of the Whirling World before they entered!”

The tall man nodded meaningfully. The two of them exchanged a look, seeing the ferocity in each other’s eyes. The two of them did not want to delay anything. After all, the place would see newcomers every now and then. If anyone else came, it could easily cause a disruption in their plans. It was possible that those two fat sheep would run away. In order to prevent any surprises, the two of them decided to take action immediately.

Rudy could immediately tell that the two of them were about to take action. He was so scared he started to pale as he whispered into Jackie’s ears.


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