No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2745

However, Jackie clearly remembered the elder only telling them two deacons were going to follow them only when they left the alliance branch. Before that, they did not know who the two deacons protecting them towards Phoenix Valley were at all.

Could it be because of the Scarlet Blood Crystal?

Jackie’s lips twitched, suddenly feeling his mind overheat. No matter how he thought about it, he could not understand anything.

Elder Maurice interrupted Jackie’s thoughts. “I don’t know about the details, but he’s definitely the leaker. Even he himself admitted to it.”

Jackie sighed as his head swayed slightly, forgetting about the problem.

On The way back from the Elder Hall, Jackie was fixated on it completely. He wondered if he should tell Rudy the story as well. Jackie felt like Rudy would probably collapse mentally if Jackie revealed the truth.

After thinking about it, Jackie decided to conceal the news for the moment. He would tell Rudy at the right moment. When Rudy found out that Jackie would follow them into the Whirling World, he was so happy he started to dance.

Rudy had been dreaming about leaving Phoenix Valley, so that chance was naturally something he had been longing for. After five days, Jackie left for the Whirling World. It was not even a part of Hestia Continent through a transfer array. They were in a limitless, barren land. Rocks of varying sizes littered the whole place. There were still a few trees around, or Jackie would have wondered if he came to the wrong place.

Rudy frowned and said, “So this is the Whirling World. It looks so different from how I thought it would. Why is it so barren? I thought that the Whirling World would be filled with life, there should have been materials everywhere.”

Jackie’s lips twitched helplessly, feeling like Rudy really was someone filled with imagination. He explained helplessly, “The Whirling World is massive. Didn’t we already hear about that before? It’s about the size of the Middle Province. If there are materials everywhere, every single warrior in the world would try to get in. It could even lead to a massive clan war. After all, resources as abundant as that would be able to birth countless experts!”

Rudy nodded meaningfully, feeling like Jackie was right.

Jackie sighed as he looked at the sky.

Clouds filled up the sky. Even though it was very bright around them, they could not see the sun behind the clouds, which caused Jackie to be curious.

Rudy anxiously asked, “Where should we go next? Could there be any remnants of the ancient city here? Should we try to find some clues here to give us a starting point?”

Jackie nodded, looking around his surroundings before finding a direction to lead Rudy away. Before Jackie could take two steps forward, he heard a string of footsteps. Jackie frowned as he stopped.

“Alchemists! You’re two really fat sheep. It was worth waiting here for two days!” A scarred man who had a blade in hand was walking towards Jackie as he said that.

Behind the scarred man was a tall and lanky man. Looking at the way they were dressed, it was obvious they weren’t good news. They had bones that were carved from spirit crystals around them and had quite a few scars on their faces. They really looked like thugs from novels.

Looking at the two of them, Rudy hid behind Jackie in fear.

“Let the two of them live. Since they’re alchemists, we should use them well. We’ll need to stay here for two years anyway. Let’s make them our slaves and have them make us pills till their souls dry up!” The tall and lanky man said with a cold sneer.

The scarred man nodded in agreement, “How lucky are we? Alchemists aren’t just big fat sheep but also the best candidates for slaves. When they make a lot of pills, we can even sell them to make more spirit crystals!”


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