No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2744

The moment Grayson’s name was mentioned, Elder Maurice’s expression changed. His eyes narrowed while his head leaned back a little. Jackie looked at him and was sure that Elder Maurice knew about Grayson.

Jackie furrowed his eyebrows as he said seriously, “I’m very curious. Where is Grayson right now? Is he still alive? Even though I didn’t really have a good relationship with him, we still entered Phoenix Valley at the same time. The three of us went through some things. After entering Phoenix Valley, only he disappeared. I really want to know why he disappeared. Does it have anything to do with me?”

Elder Maurice sighed helplessly, “If he doesn’t really have a good relationship with you, then you shouldn’t look into this anymore. He’s already been completely locked up.”

“Why was he locked up?” Jackie could not stop himself from raising his voice a little. The question had been in Jackie’s head for a long time.

Why was Grayson the only one locked up after what they went through?

Elder Maurice looked at Jackie helplessly. There were some things he was not supposed to mention. However, He could very well lose Jackie’s trust if he did not tell the truth. To Elder Maurice, Jackie was worth a lot more.

Thinking about it for a long time, he chose to answer in the end, “I’ve heard about what happened to you. When you were first supposed to enter Phoenix Valley, you were ambushed midway. Two deacons even lost their lives. We captured Grayson because of that,” After saying that, Jackie was noticeably excited.

He wanted to raise his voice to ask why, but Elder Maurice did not give him the chance. Elder Maurice sighed before saying, “Grayson was the one who leaked your journey…”

After Elder Maurice said that, Jackie was stunned.

Grayson had leaked their journey? He was the cause of the ambush by their enemies?

That was too unbelievable.

Grayson’s face reappeared in Jackie’s mind. He kept on feeling like Grayson would not be someone who would do something like that. Grayson was part of a fifth-grade clan and was incredibly valued by the Rosefinch Pavilion. After being tested and entering Phoenix Valley, he should have been treated very well.

After thinking about Grayson’s origins more and more, Jackie could not figure out why Grayson would do such a thing.

Why would Grayson leak their movements? Why would he allow that group to ambush them?

What exactly was the reason for that?

Furthermore, Jackie was even more curious as to why the enemies were trying to kill them. If the ambush had happened at West Cercie State, Jackie would have thought they were attacking him.

After all, Jackie had been in West Cercie State for quite long. Yet, the vessel being attacked happened when he had not been in Middle Province for that long. Practically no one knew about him. Even Grayson and Rudy were just somewhat talented alchemists. They were no one notable at all.

Since Grayson was the person to leak it, then Grayson should not have been the reason for the ambush. Then, it must have been because of Rudy. Yet, after interacting with Rudy for so long, Jackie did not feel like Rudy had anything about him that was worth assassinating. Rudy was incredibly ordinary as an alchemist and horrible as a fighter. He did not come from a notable family either. So, Jackie could not figure out why anyone would want to kill Rudy.

After so long thinking about it, he was forced to conclude that the reason they were ambushed was because of the two deacons that died. They must have had a secret they were hiding.


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