No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2742

He had thought that many elders would be waiting for him in the Elder Hall. Yet, when he arrived at the Elder Hall, he only saw Elder Maurice there.

Was it really necessary to use the Elder Hall for a personal meeting between the two of them?

Jackie felt stranger and stranger as he thought about it, but he did not reveal his thoughts on his face. He politely greeted Elder Maurice before sitting down as Elder Maurice indicated.

Elder Maurice poured Jackie a cup of tea, “This tea is a high-grade spiritual tea. Even the elders are only allowed to take it out when there are guests.”

Jackie hurriedly said, “You’re an elder, we should follow the rules and not waste…”

However, before Jackie could finish, he was interrupted by Elder Maurice, “There’s no need for such empty pleasantries when it’s just the two of us. I called you here because of a personal matter.”

Jackie nodded, motioning for Elder Maurice to continue.

Elder Maurice took a sip of tea before saying, “Have you heard about the Whirling World? “

Jackie was taken aback, not expecting Elder Maurice to mention it immediately. Jackie nodded, not really planning on hiding it. Elder Maurice glanced at Jackie before saying, “What do you plan on doing after this?”

Jackie furrowed his eyebrows, answering honestly, “I’ll wait for the inner valley’s test. I want to enter the inner valley.”

Elder Maurice raised an eyebrow, having already expected that answer. He did not continue talking immediately but paused for a long time before saying, “You should put entering the inner valley aside for now. In two days, you should enter the Whirling World. Don’t ask me why. This is for your own sake. That place has much more for you to gain than risk. With your skills, you’ll definitely be able to make something of yourself there.”

Elder Maurice’s words stunned Jackie for a moment. Jackie frowned, having already considered what Elder Maurice would want to talk to him about. Yet, he never expected that Elder Maurice had wanted to ask him to enter the Whirling World. Jackie started to be suspicious of Elder Maurice’s intentions then.

Elder Maurice looked right at Jackie after he said that. When he saw Jackie’s expression, he knew what Jackie was thinking.

Elder Maurice let out a wry smile as he explained, “Don’t speculate too much. I’m doing this for your sake. The Whirling World has its dangers, but the potential benefits are much larger.

“We already sent out people inside to scout. It won’t just be the outer valley sending a lot of people inside, even the inner valley will be sending most of theirs.”

Hearing Elder Maurice’s words, Jackie relaxed quite a bit. If he was going to be the only one to enter, Jackie would definitely suspect that Elder Maurice was plotting something. However, if even inner valley alchemists were entering, it meant that the Whirling World was not as dangerous as he thought.

Jackie looked up and asked earnestly, “Elder Maurice, why did you call me over to talk about this? Do you want me to hurry up and go inside? In truth, I was planning on becoming an inner valley student first before going in, if I was ever going to go in.”

Elder Maurice sighed. He knew Jackie’s personality. If Jackie did not clearly know everything, Jackie would definitely not go inside. Elder Maurice poured himself some tea before he started to speak.


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