No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2741

“The secret is probably related to the Whirling World. Even if there are valuable treasures in the Whirling World, I have to put my life first.”

Rudy took a deep breath and nodded before he said, “You’re right. Are you planning on staying in Phoenix Valley and never entering the Whirling World?”

Jackie sat up straight and thought about it for a while before he resolutely shook his head, “If I’m sure that the place isn’t that dangerous, or if I know the secret behind the place. As long as I have certain assurances, I will enter. It’s definitely not possible right now.”

Rudy sighed miserably, looking incredibly deflated. To Rudy, Phoenix Valley had become a prison where he was trapped in.

Jackie looked at Rudy before saying, “The inner valley is the core of Phoenix Valley. Only by becoming an inner valley alchemist will I be able to have access to some of Phoenix Valley’s secrets. There are many reasons I want to enter the inner valley. The first is to increase my skills as an alchemist. After that, I want to find out the secrets that those people are hiding.”

Rudy sobered up at Jackie‘s words. Thinking about it, he did feel like there are a lot of things that they always wanted to find out about, that really did need Jackie to figure out what is going on.

Jackie continued, “Just looking at Grayson’s matter. We’ve already investigated it, and you can’t even sleep without thinking about him. You’ve been obsessed about where Grayson is and if he‘s even still alive. Yet, we’re alone in Phoenix Valley. Just being able to take care of ourselves is good enough. We don’t really have the ability to look into Grayson’s disappearance, which we’ve always wanted to find out about…”

“We don’t have any clues. We can’t even make the most basic of guesses. So, if we really want to understand everything, we have to first make sure we have more power. We need to have the right to even know about it!”

Rudy no longer had anything to say back to that. All he could do was nod earnestly. Jackie’s decision was definitely right.

At that moment, frantic steps could suddenly be heard from the entrance of the courtyard. Lou was rapidly approaching with a panicked look on his face. Jackie and Rudy frowned at the same time.

When Lou arrived next to Jackie, he whispered, “A steward came over earlier to say that Elder Maurice is waiting for you at the Elder Hall. He has something to say to you.”

Jackie furrowed his eyebrows. He had thought that it would take at least a few days before Elder Maurice approached him for anything. They would at least need to wait until everything blew over. After all, Elder Rick was still in the punishment hall.

Jackie nodded at him, not saying anything else as he followed the steward who conveyed the news into the Elder Hall. At that moment, there were two chairs and a table in the Elder Hall. There were various fruits on the table, and even a fragrant tea was prepared.

Elder Maurice smiled at Jackie when he saw Jackie arriving. He motioned for Jackie to sit in front of him.

Jackie curiously looked at Elder Maurice, not sure why Elder Maurice summoned Jackie to the Elder Hall. After all, the Elder Hall was not personal space. Normally, the Elder Hall would be completely shut if nothing was happening. Jackie would not have been summoned there to talk about any private matters.

That was why Jackie had thought that he would be facing more than just Elder Maurice for this conversation.


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