No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2740

The Whirling World was an irreplaceable choice for Rudy. After knowing the world’s rules, Rudy was even more determined to enter the Whirling World.

As for those problems that were there, he had been too excited to think about them. Jackie’s words were like a bucket of cold water on his head. His whole body stiffened.

He wanted to retort, but he did not know what to say, because all of his replies were too far-fetched. Jackie’s words had been straight to the point, and all of them were problems that could not be ignored. Rudy suddenly started to hesitate.

Jackie looked at Rudy and shook his head slightly. He could understand Rudy’s helplessness, but could not enter the Whirling World with Rudy just because of those doubts.

That place was incredibly dangerous to Jackie. After a moment, Rudy said in a low voice, “I understand everything you’re saying, but I really don’t want to continue staying in Phoenix Valley. I feel like Phoenix Valley is a beast that will swallow me whole at any moment.

“I’m full of fear every day as long as I am in Phoenix Valley. My goal was to come here and to be cultivated well, yet I only noticed after coming here that there are far too many masters in Phoenix Valley.

To be raised better and get more resources means I will have to work my hardest. Yet, an alchemist like me doesn’t have any hope to get anything good anyway!”

After saying that, Rudy smiled bitterly as he looked out the gazebo and said in a shaky tone, “You’re right! Yet, Phoenix Valley isn’t really a great place…”

He lacked confidence in his words. He knew he was forcing things, but he really wanted

to enter the Whirling World. Yet, he was afraid that he would not be able to stay there alone for that long. So, he really wanted Jackie to go in with him.

After a period of time interacting with Jackie, he knew that Jackie did not really have a good temper, but Jackie was not someone despicable or shameless. As long as he obediently followed behind Jackie, he would be protected.

Jackie let out a light smile, not saying anything. Jackie looked out of the gazebo. When Rudy saw that he was not getting a response, he coughed awkwardly.

“If you’re not entering the Whirling World, what do you plan on doing?”

Jackie raised an eyebrow as he said in a firm tone, “I already thought about it during the tournament. I’m waiting for the inner valley test. I want to see what type of place it is.”

Rudy felt a chill in his heart at those words.

To Jackie, the inner valley was better than the Whirling World. After all, the inner valley was still part of Phoenix Valley.

As long as Jackie did not do anything too bad, the higher-ups would definitely take good care of Jackie and raise him well. After all, the inner valley is the true core of Phoenix Valley.

Jackie turned to glance at Rudy, having not planned on revealing the matter. In the end, Rudy was the person who was the friendliest to him in Phoenix Valley. After thinking about it, he still revealed his innermost thoughts.

“There are many reasons I don’t want to enter the Whirling World. After all, the safety of the place isn’t guaranteed for us. Even if many scouts have gone in, there’s a two-year restriction for going into the Whirling World.

“No one knows if any massive changes will happen within the two years, or if there will

be any hidden plots. I feel like the Unbreaking Pavilion and Phoenix Valley have a massive secret hidden.


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