No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2739

“Even now, we don’t know why Grayson was taken away. Nor do we know if we’ll end up like Grayson. Furthermore, my little levels of talent won’t be properly cultivated in Phoenix Valley. It would be better if I go somewhere else. Once I get out of the Whirling World, I’ll be completely free!”

Jackie frowned, looking at Rudy earnestly, “Your thoughts are reasonable. Since you want to leave so much, why don’t you just go back…”

Before Jackie could finish, he was interrupted by Rudy. Rudy anxiously said, “I would have gone back early on if it were that easy. With your talents, you can firmly make a place for yourself in Phoenix Valley.

“Even if you did anything suspicious, people wouldn’t do anything too bad to you thanks to your talents. I’m different, I’m expendable.

“The moment I mention wanting to leave Phoenix Valley, I’ll definitely be captured. The Whirling World is just an excuse for me to leave Phoenix Valley. There’s no way for them to know what I’ve encountered in Phoenix Valley anyway.

“No matter if I survive it or not, in two years, I’ll immediately leave Phoenix Valley and head back to Golden Pills!”

Jackie could understand Rudy’s sense of helplessness. Since he already made his decision, Jackie had nothing else to say. He took a light sip of his tea as he raised his head and contemplated his own troubles.

Rudy had been waiting for Jackie to say something else, but Jackie seemed to be earnestly tasting the tea, so he was a bit exasperated, “Jackie, could you tell me if you’re going or not?”

Jackie frowned, thinking about it for a while before he shook his head earnestly, “I won’t be going. I still have other things to do here. Two years is far too long. Even if the Whirling World’s resources are so plentiful that they will attract most young people.

“However, the Whirling World isn’t really a certain thing. I still have so many questions that are unclear. I just don’t really plan on going in there right now.”

Hearing that, Rudy suddenly panicked. He had thought that Jackie would definitely follow him into the Whirling World after he explained everything about it.

He might be useless, but Jackie was an incredibly rare master in every way. Jackie’s skills would definitely be able to protect him. He might be able to get something from following Jackie.

He would be able to guarantee his safety as well. That was already more than enough

for Rudy. After receiving blow after blow, Rudy was no longer the same as he was before. He just needed to live his life peacefully. He did not have any other thoughts in mind.

He never expected Jackie to reject it. Looking at Jackie’s expression, Jackie seemed certain that he would not be entering, which Rudy could not really accept, “You’re not going in? There’s everything inside. There are many things inside that masters would go crazy for. Many materials are waiting inside for you.

“There are also resources left behind from experts countless years ago. Don’t you want to go inside and fight for them? Even if you’re not going to do much, you’ll be able to find a lot!” Jackie raised an eyebrow as he looked at Rudy meaningfully. From his words, Jackie saw through Rudy’s plans.

He sighed helplessly, “I have my own considerations. I know that the Whirling World is a good place, but it’s too uncertain for me. Just think about it. Everything that’s happened recently is still a mess.

“No one knows what will happen after we go in. Many people might die inside. I don’t want to be a lab rat. That’s why I don’t plan on going inside.”

Rudy’s face stiffened, suddenly not knowing what to say. Jackie’s words were actually reasonable. There were still many things that were unclear.

The Whirling World was a part of the Valley of Enlightenment. Phoenix Valley and the Unbreaking Pavilion were fighting tooth and nail for the Valley of Enlightenment.

On top of that, Phoenix Valley’s plans caused much doubt and alarm. The Whirling World, which was related to the Valley of Enlightenment, might not be as good as it sounded!


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