No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2738

Rudy shook his head and answered, “There’s no need for any such thing. Anyone who meets the conditions can enter. The conditions are very simple. You can’t be over sixty.”

Hearing that, Jackie straightened his body, “You can enter as long as you’re not over sixty years old?”

Rudy nodded earnestly at that. He had already looked into it and was very versed in the requirements.

Jackie took a deep breath as he said after some thought, “The Whirling World probably has a lot of valuable things inside. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be telling me so much.”

Rudy nodded earnestly as his smile deepened, “Someone’s already entered. However, it’s said that you can only return after two years. An illusion was transferred out, though. There are a lot of amazing things inside.

“There are various famous materials. From the scenes inside, the Whirling World must have already been closed for many, many years.

“Those materials are all incredibly old. There’s also an ancient city within. There are a lot of places where the treasure can be found!”

Jackie narrowed his eyes. No wonder Rudy was so excited. The Whirling World did seem like a great place. He took a deep breath, starting to feel excited as well at Rudy’s words.

However, Jackie had always been a calm person. The more exciting it was, the more he needed himself to be calm. He took a few deep breaths, tossing aside the excitement before he said, “Continue your introductions. Tell me all the important things.”

Rudy nodded, “I think there’s one most. important point. Everyone’s strength will be restricted when they enter. Those in the spring solidifying realm will be suppressed to the late stage of the innate realm. Everyone who isn’t at the late stage of the innate realm will be raised to that level as well!”

Jackie had calmly listened to everything before that, but those words actually caused Jackie to suddenly straighten his body as he widened his eyes.

The restriction part really was too surprising. Everyone’s strength would be restricted to the late stage of the innate realm. That meant that what would be used inside were the skills and techniques they had.

Rudy continued, “After the news, everyone started to get excited. Everyone younger than sixty years old has been racking their brains for a way in, even despite needing to stay there for two years.

“The resources inside are far too bountiful compared to the outside. Everyone wants to enter and fight for the resources. Moreover, no one has heard of any danger. There’s nothing else alive in there. If we enter, the only danger would be other people!”

Jackie took a deep breath. The Whirling World was far too surprising. It was basically a natural battlefield. There was nothing else inside but human fighters.

Everyone was being forced to the late stage of the innate level. It meant that everyone was basically fighting with their talent!

There were so many resources to attract large numbers of fighters as well.

Rudy said excitedly, “Should we go in? I actually really want to go, even if I know that I might be killed if I enter with my meager skills.

“I just really don’t want to stay here anymore. After all, I’m an alchemist. All the fighters will have a use for me. They wouldn’t move against me easily. I’ll just refine pills when I enter, getting some spirit crystals where I can… It would still be better than staying here.”

Jackie frowned as he looked at Rudy curiously, “Did something else happen? Were you threatened by someone?”

Rudy shook his head, saying after a deep sigh, “I haven’t been threatened. I just feel like Phoenix Valley was never a good place for me.”


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