No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2737

Rudy pursed his lips, cursing that Jackie was still the same as always. He said after a slight cough, “Let’s forget about me for now. I want to talk about you first. You didn’t tell me you were back. Who won the tournament? Did that Rick guy cause you trouble?”

Jackie raised an eyebrow before quickly telling Rudy a summary of the story. When Rudy heard that Rick was already locked up in the punishment hall, he danced happily.

After they drank their tea, he finally composed himself. Jackie sighed in exasperation as he said with a serious tone, “Don’t be too excited. You said you had something to tell me. Tell me what it is before you celebrate.”

Rudy knew that Jackie did not like having things hanging, so he said, “Do you know about the Whirling World?”

Jackie raised an eyebrow, looking at Rudy curiously. It was obviously the first time he had heard of such a thing. Rudy was quite pleased as he continued.

“I knew you wouldn’t have heard of it. After all, you’ve been busy with the tournament the past few days. Right after you left, the Whirling World spread around the whole Phoenix Valley.

“It’s said that news of the Whirling World has spread around the outside world as well. Everyone seems very excited about it. I think you’ll definitely go there as well!”

Jackie was a little stunned hearing everything. “The Whirling World? What sort of place is that? Why do you think I’ll definitely go? Stop with the nonsense, hurry up and explain everything from the start!”

Rudy nodded, holding back the excitement in his heart as he told everything he knew to Jackie. After Jackie had left, news of the Whirling World started to spread in Phoenix Valley.

The so-called Whirling World was a world that existed outside of the Hestia Continent. It was not really a complete world and was said to be a part of the Valley of Enlightenment.

The Valley of Enlightenment was the reason for the war between Phoenix Valley and the Unbreaking Pavilion. The two forces both wanted the Valley of Enlightenment for themselves, which was why they were at war!

The Whirling World was a part of the Valley of Enlightenment, and it was already opened. Anyone who met the conditions could enter. Hearing that, Jackie was even more confused.

Jackie frowned and asked, “If the Whirling World is a part of the Valley of Enlightenment, then why can’t the valley be entered yet if the Whirling World is already opened? Hasn’t the valley remained closed because Phoenix Valley and the Unbreaking Pavilion haven’t discussed things yet?”

Rudy nodded, earnestly explaining, “The Whirling World is a part of the Valley of Enlightenment, but there is a natural barrier between it and the valley. No one actually knows how the Whirling World was opened.

“However, even if it was opened, the valley is still closed. Entering the Whirling World isn’t equal to entering the Valley of Enlightenment. Opening the Valley of Enlightenment still needs the keys from both sides.”

Jackie could not understand what was happening as he listened. Doubt started to form inside him, but he knew that Rudy would not be able to answer any of his questions if he pressed on. After all, Rudy’s knowledge was limited.

Jackie nodded and said, “Then why are you so sure what the conditions to enter the Whirling World are? Do you need some form of entrance plaque?”

Jackie thought about when they entered the Hidden Place for Resources. They needed an entrance plaque to go through the wormhole.


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