No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2736

The two of them were witnesses to the incident. With how arrogant Rick was acting earlier, the two of them were incredibly happy about Rick’s current state!

Elder Eliot was incredibly angry the moment he thought about how Rick was acting earlier, so he sneered as he said, “Elder Rick, don’t be so emotional. Didn’t you say earlier that you’d be the one laughing till the end as long as we won this tournament? Why are you in such a panic now?”

Rick was not in the mood to exchange words with Elder Elliot at that moment. His only thought in mind was to push away the responsibility, but Elder Turner had never liked to dwell on things like this.

He coldly glanced at Rick, not even giving Rick the chance to speak before getting the

deacons next to him to drag Rick away with a wave of his hand.

Everything had happened far too quickly, and some of them could not really process things. Elder Rick, who had always acted so proudly, was actually being dragged to the punishment hall. They could not help but feel like everything was happening too strangely.

Elder Turner turned to look at Jackie before reaching out to pat Jackie on the shoulder, “You did very well. Even though he was the one who made a mess of things, Phoenix Valley would be in a terrible situation if it weren’t for you.

“Don’t worry, you’ll be well rewarded. You can head back now, I’ll have someone send the reward to your courtyard.”

Jackie nodded. He never wanted to stay at the Elder Hall for too long anyway. He did not like being in crowds. With Elder Turner’s words, he hurriedly turned around to leave.

When he passed Elder Maurice, he nodded at Elder Maurice. The elder whispered to him, “If anything happens, I’ll have someone relay everything to you. Don’t worry.”

The courtyard looked the same as before. Lou stood right in front of the entrance. As a runner, he did not really have much to do.

He suddenly widened his eyes when he saw Jackie. He smiled in greeting, and Jackie nodded before asking, “Did anything happen the past few days? Where’s Rudy?”

Even though Jackie did not care about Rudy, Grayson’s incident still happened. If Rudy disappeared as well, then it just means that the matter got more complicated.

Lou immediately replied, “Rudy is in the room. He just got a task from the task hall and finished it two hours ago. He’s resting in the room after handing in the task and asked me not to disturb him.

Jackie nodded. Since Rudy was safe, there was nothing to worry about. However, the door to Rudy’s room opened the moment Jackie entered the courtyard.

Jackie turned to look and saw Rudy walking out with a look as if he had just woken up. He took two steps out before seeing that Jackie was back, and his eyes widened. He shouted, “You’re back!”

Jackie nodded helplessly. He really wanted to take a good rest on his bed at that moment, instead of wasting time with Rudy. However, Rudy looked like he was incredibly excited to see Jackie as he rushed toward Jackie.

Rudy grabbed Jackie’s arm and said, “Come here, I have something to tell you.”

The courtyard might not be that big, but it still had everything. There was a little gazebo in the middle that Jackie and Rudy were both sitting in.

Lou prepared a pot of tea for them. Jackie frowned and said, “Don’t be so secretive, just tell me what you want.”


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