No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2735

However, the moment Elder Rick spoke, Elder Turner interjected, rebuking, “Jackie is right. You did all of that just to settle your grudges. After Elder Maurice investigated the matter, it’s been proven that you did everything for that reason. Rick! How dare you!”

Elder Turner’s tone sounded demanding, imposing; it was obvious just how angry he was. Elder Rick panicked at that moment, never expecting Elder Turner to point the gun at him so quickly.

The other elders were completely baffled by this, not knowing what was happening at all, especially with Elder Turner. Everything Elder Turner had done seemed to be for the sake of protecting Jackie, much to their confusion.

Why did he want to protect a sixth-grade alchemist? Was there something to Jackie

that they did not know about?

Before anyone could voice their questions, Elder Turner said, “You know better than anyone what you’ve done. Don’t even think about denying it.

“You never knew whether Jackie had the ability of a seventh-grade alchemist at all. Even though you didn’t know it, you still recommended Jackie for the sake of humiliating him. As an Elder, don’t you know how important the tournament is? For the sake of your revenge, you didn’t care about anything else!”

Elder Rick trembled at Elder Turner’s words. Judging by his behavior and words, Elder Turner was planning on punishing him!

At that moment, Elder Rick no longer cared about his dignity and immediately went down on his knees.

He raised his voice as he explained, “I didn’t! I just felt like Jackie was suitable. Didn’t we win this time? Phoenix Valley wasn’t affected by this, which means that nothing is wrong with the recommendation!”

Elder Turner sneered. “No, there wasn’t. It’s good that you recommended Jackie; it’s because of him that our valley has turned the tides in the tournament!”

After he said that, Elder Turned showed the merit log to all the other elders, letting the elders look at how the tournament went.

When everyone saw Sky Peak Pavilion’s hidden trump card, they took a deep breath. After that, they saw Jackie turning the tables during the first round, pulling up the results of the other two with the highest scores present, winning the stage.

Even though they lost the second stage, Jackie was not the cause of it. Instead, Jackie’s results were incredible.

When the third stage came, nothing unexpected and unsavory happened, and Jackie dominated the round.

After looking at everything, all the elders understood why Elder Turner had that attitude.

Heck, they would have done the same thing.

Jackie’s talent was already able to compare with the top masters of the inner valley. He was even an excellent fighter.

He was practically a demon!

Elder Rick’s eyes widened as he looked at the log, shaking his head vehemently. “Impossible! This can’t be! He’s a sixth grade alchemist, so why was he able to complete a thousand and two hundred pill runes?!

“How could he remember and condense sixty ancient runes in such a short time? This doesn’t make sense at all! He must’ve cheated, he had to!”

Elder Rick had cracked due to the pressure. He did not want to admit to Jackie’s talent and face further consequences as well.

Meanwhile, Elder Baggins and Elder Eliot looked on quietly.


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