No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2732

After all, the winner of the tournament was Phoenix Valley. Even though Elder Rick was the one who recommended Jackie, Phoenix Valley suffered no losses.

Even if Elder Turner decided to pursue the matter, Elder Rick could push the responsibility aside by saying he just wanted to recommend the best candidate. Nothing could hinder him by then, but the same thing could not be said for Jackie.

Jackie had offended Elder Maurice, and with Jackie soiling the group’s results with his performance in the tournament, he would be punished. Elder Rick just needed to fan the flames by the side, and Jackie would suffer consequences he surely could not handle. He could even imagine Jackie being chased out of Phoenix Valley.

If Jackie was chased out of Phoenix Valley, Rick would have him assassinated. No matter how much potential Jackie has, he was nothing more than a vermin he disliked. He was, after all, a person that would rather kill his opponents than forgive them.

Jackie would not live another day, and he would make sure of that.

Elder Rick grinned maliciously at the thoughts and ideas that came swirling in his mind.

Elder Turner carefully read through the merit log and started to frown. It seemed like something had greatly angered him, much to Elder Rick’s glee.

It had to be about Jackie’s horrible performance. Elder Turner would not give Jackie any leeway when assigning the punishments, no doubt!

Thinking about that, Elder Rick looked at Jackie again.

However, he had his head down the whole time, not revealing his expression. It seemed like nothing around Jackie had anything to do with him at all. He could not help but feel his head thump at Jackie’s calm expression.

At that moment, Elder Turner finally spoke, “Not bad! Still, it went much worse than I thought it would. Claude, do you have anything to say?”

Despite Elder Turner’s words sounding polite, Claude’s entire body shuddered.

Unlike Jackie, he had been in Phoenix Valley for a long time, and thus knew of the power Elder Turner held.

He also knew that Elder Turner was not someone who forgave any wrongdoings. Anyone who got to his seat would definitely not be simple characters.

Claude’s whole body shuddered as he hurriedly knelt on the floor. “Elder Turner, I’ve done my best. I just never expected them to have a trump card to ruin our results!”

Claude’s words caused confusion among the elders around them.

Since they won the tournament, should it not be Claude and Benedict being praised? Without the two of them leading the progress, how could they have won?

Moreover, why was Elder Turner talking to Claude in such an accusing tone?

Met with everyone’s bewilderment, Elder Turner said, “I don’t care about how hard you tried. I want you to tell me why you decided to go against Jackie during the tournament against Sky Peak Pavilion.

“You constantly caused trouble for Jackie, and you even helped outsiders ridicule him!”

Claude felt like a bucket of cold water had been thrown on his head, and he could not help but tremble. The consequences would come eventually, but Claude never expected

that Elder Turner would ask him something so direct in front of so many people.

If the question was purely about the results and him dragging the team down, Claude would have something to say, but Elder Turner had highlighted how he, Claude, had purposely made things difficult for Jackie.

To this, Claude suddenly had no idea what to say.

Only Elder Maurice and the others knew what Elder Turner was talking about. The other elders had their eyes widened in confusion. It was completely different from what they expected.


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