No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2730

At that moment, Elder Rick, Elder Eliot, and Elder Baggins were at a corner of the hall.

No one would be able to hear them, so long as they kept their voices down.

Rick’s lips twisted to a small frown as he stared at Elder Eliot unpleasantly.

Elder Eliot had never been one to twist his words. Thus, rubbing his chin, he began, “Why are you using an important official matter for revenge? You recommended Jackie. Don’t you know how important this tournament is? We have to send our people into the Whirling World. If we lose out on a portion of the rights, do you know how much it’ll impact Phoenix Valley? If we, Phoenix Valley, lose to Sky Peak Pavilion, it’ll hurt our reputation a great deal! You’re crossing the line here!”

Elder Eliot wanted to call Rick despicable and shameless, betraying his own clan, but

he swallowed these harsh words. After all, he did not want to make a complete enemy out of Rick.

Alas, Elder Rick had been triggered.

Elder Baggins signed helplessly. He knew that Elder Eliot would make grating remarks, being the ever-so-honest person he always was.

Rick smiled coldly. “You’re quite hasty, Elder Eliot. Why would you think I’m trying to use official matters for vengeance? Isn’t Jackie the best choice?

“With the age restrictions and the fact that we can’t use the inner valley’s alchemists, we need to choose the best candidate from the outer valley. I felt like he was the most suitable person, so I recommended him. Taking revenge using official matters is just baseless speculation from you.”

Elder Eliot saw red at this accusation. “You’re still trying to twist things around! There’s no one else here. Elder Baggins and I clearly saw what happened between you and Jackie. Who wouldn’t know of your petty thoughts? If we lose this time, you won’t be able to get out of it unscathed!”

Rick snorted coldly, saying nonchalantly, “Don’t worry. We definitely won’t lose this time. Furthermore, all this ‘revenge against Jackie’ talk is all in your mind. I bear no hatred toward him, and despite the small conflict we’ve had, I never took it to heart.”

Rick was not speaking a word of truth at all at that moment, and when Elder Eliot heard these words, he disliked Rick even more.

Before this, he knew not much about Elder Rick and felt he was just somewhat of a petty person. At this point, however, Elder Rick looked more than just bitter.

He was even despicable, shameless, and selfish to the max.

Elder Eliot heaved in anger. “Why are you so sure that we’ll win this time? Even though Phoenix Valley has many prodigies, do you think it’s something Sky Peak Pavilion doesn’t know?

“If they weren’t already prepared beforehand, do you really think they would’ve agreed to the tournament? Don’t use your own judgment on everything

Before he could finish, Rick raised his hand to stop him. “Don’t speak of all this nonsense. I’m very sure of us winning because I know Claude and Benedict very well.

“Even though they’re both not qualified for the inner valley, they’re still the most talented in the outer valley. I refuse to believe that Sky Peak Pavilion can recruit prodigies better than these two, so stop worrying so much!”

Rick sounded all too sure of his words as though he had seen the tournament’s results, but Elder Eliot and Elder Baggins did not take him seriously. In fact, they thought Elder Rick’s words of conviction were a joke, that he was much too confident to the point of arrogance.

He assumed that prodigies would only be in Phoenix Valley, never accepted by other forces, and that attitude itself was already problematic.

Elder Eliot was so enraged that his entire body trembled.

If not for the fact that he could hold himself back, he would have rushed over and slapped Rick for a wake-up call.

Rick obviously did not understand why the two of them were so angry.

He let out a slight laugh as he said, “You called me here to talk about this?”


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