No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2729

“Are you saying they don’t know Phoenix Valley is the foundation of the Middle Province Alchemist Alliance? They obviously know that many excellent alchemists are a part of Phoenix Valley. The fact that they agreed to the tournament means that they’re prepared!”

Hearing that, Elder Eliot’s expression darkened, agreeing with Elder Baggins’ point. Everything had happened far too quickly, and the negotiations went well without a hitch.

With the problems Phoenix Valley had been going through, they did not care about the details.

Thinking of this, he started to feel like everything before them was more than just a smooth-sailing event but a massive trap prepared by someone else instead, just waiting for them to fall into.

With that in mind, Elder Eliot became even more unsettled.

Elder Baggins took a deep breath as he turned to look at Elder Turner, who held the highest position among the seven elders and was Phoenix Valley’s decision-maker.

The elder was sipping tea as he listened to the elders around him, smiling as he spoke. Compared to the surrounding elders, his expression seemed more refined and


Looking at him closer, they noticed how furrowed his eyebrows were, as though he was thinking of something that plagued him. Seeing his expression, Elder Baggins’ heart stopped. He felt like a storm was brewing.

Right at that moment, Elder Eliot shot up from his seat and rushed toward Rick.

Elder Baggins hurriedly stood up when he saw Elder Eliot, reaching out to stop him,

but Elder Baggins was a step too late. Elder Eliot stormed right before Rick, who was talking to Elder Kesh about their students. with a pleased expression.

He was baffled to see Elder Eliot going to him, mainly because he could not understand why Elder Eliot seemed so furious.

Rick frowned. “Elder Eliot, did you need something?”

Elder Eliot suddenly sported a small smile as he composed himself, pointing to an area. “I have something I want to talk to you about alone, Elder Rick. Could you come with me to discuss things over there?”

Rick frowned.

He had always been a person with a keen eye. Even though Elder Eliot had composed himself quickly, Rick noticed his initial expression.

Even though he did not know why Elder Eliot seemed this enraged, it would not be anything good, that was for sure. Also, he would come off pompous if he rejected Elder Eliot’s request. Thus, even if he did not want to, he had to stand up from his seat.

Elder Baggins furrowed his eyebrows as he watched Elder Eliot walk to a corner of the hall with Rick, feeling unsettled.

Elder Baggins knew Elder Eliot very well. He was always a straightforward and loyal person.

Elder Eliot was liable to say something inappropriate that would instigate Rick.

Someone as vindictive as Rick would look for revenge in the future if Elder Eliot offended him.

Elder Baggins, growing concerned at the sight, decided to follow them, leaving the remaining four elders rather baffled. Nonetheless, they were intelligent folks and made no comments about this exchange.

Only Elder Kesh was somewhat invested in this situation, with sharp eyes fixed on Rick’s form for a good while.


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