No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2726

Apart from Elder Baggins and Elder Eliot, the others looked much at ease.

Elder Eliot sipped at his tea, frowning in concern, which did not go unnoticed by Elder Baggins. Even though Elder Eliot did not say why he was concerned, it was obvious from a glance.

Elder Baggins sighed in helplessness. “Rick had crossed the line this time. It’s not the first time he’s incorporated his grudges into official matters.

“We can ignore what happened before since it didn’t cause any trouble, but I can’t believe he actually got worse. He tried to cause trouble in such an important tournament! Is he not worried that something detrimental could happen? Can he bear the consequences?”

Elder Elliot nodded in agreement. “Doesn’t he know how important the tournament is?

It involves the interests of the Whirling World! Both the inner and outer valley elders all know how important this tournament is, yet he threw all caution out of the window and just had to recommend Jackie to participate!

“Even if Jackie is talented, he’s just a sixth grade alchemist. If anything happens, it won’t just cause us to lose out on a portion of the Whirling World’s resources; it’ll humiliate us greatly!

“Everyone knows that Phoenix Valley is the foundation of the Middle Province Alchemist Alliance. We’ve cultivated so many alchemists and accepted many alchemic masters. If we lose to Sky Peak Pavilion just like that, Phoenix Valley’s reputation will go down the drain if the truth is spread. We won’t be able to recruit more alchemists when that happens, too!

“That chain reaction will impact us.”

“Anyone can tell what sort of predicament we’d be in if we lost the tournament, yet it still wasn’t enough to change his mind. The only thing he’s cared about this whole time is to quench his thirst for vengeance without bothering to look at the bigger picture!”

Elder Eliot had always been a straight-laced person, strictly loyal to Phoenix Valley and always placing the Valley’s best interests in mind. Of course, most of the elders were like that as well. Their benefits would only be assured if Phoenix Valley’s position remained at its current position.

Alas, some elders did not view Phoenix Valley that importantly, instead prioritizing themselves and their revenge.

Elder Eliot grew angrier at the thought, while Elder Baggins was frustrated at Rick.

Usually, Elder Eliot and Elder Baggins would never refer to Elder Rick without his

title, but such respect was disregarded due to the antics he had dished out.

Before, Rick had helped Harold and Johnson for the benefits he would gain for himself, but he never expected Jackie would have something up his sleeves. In the end, Rick’s plan backfired.

Rick, a man who had always been petty, held a grudge against Jackie because of that.

Elder Baggins and Elder Eliot had witnessed what happened. They knew of Rick’s grudge against Jackie, yet during the final selections, the two of them had not been in Phoenix Valley as they had matters to attend to. They had no idea that Rick would persistently recommend Jackie just because of the anger he felt toward Jackie.

If they had known, they would have stopped it for the sake of Phoenix Valley. After all, Rick was just causing trouble at that point.

Elder Eliot looked over, noticing Rick was right in front of him, and felt even more frustrated at that.

At that moment, the one closest to Elder Eliot was Elder Baggins, and Rick sat relatively far from them, so Rick had no idea what they were talking about.


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