No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2725

Master Forrest should have announced the results of the tournament at this point, but he was far too depressed.

The tournament was a pivotal event, and not only did it involve the reputation of their clan, but other benefits were at stake as well.

Master Forrest had thought that victory was already assured, but he did not expect a dark horse to throw his plans into disarray. He had only managed to win one out of three rounds! He did not know what to tell his higher-ups at all, and he could already see the miserable fate that would follow.

Regardless, he could not get too emotional at that moment. He had fallen silent for far too long, and Jackie did not want to remain there for that long anymore.

When the spectators did not say anything, Jackie turned around and faced Master Forrest. “Shouldn’t you be announcing the results? I believe I didn’t use up that much time this round.”

Master Forrest bitterly closed his eyes and, after keeping his silence, announced, “The third round has ended with Phoenix Valley’s victory. Phoenix Valley won this tournament two out of three.”

This announcement caused everyone present to feel a wave of emotional shifts.

Claude and Benedict felt like their experiences the past few days had been far too exciting, filled with ups and downs. The two of them had thought they would be the main pillars of the tournament, that Jackie would definitely drag them down, but they never expected the truth would end up being the complete opposite.

In the end, they were both the trash bags of the group. They should have been happy about the final results. After all, they would have been given harsher punishments when they got back. However, Jackie’s results have been far too good, and compared to him, they were mere garbage. They had not been useful at all throughout the tournament!

Despite the humiliation they both felt, Sky Peak Pavilion’s representatives were in even greater pain. They had thought that they would win the tournament, but they had lost terribly. Great punishments were sure to await them, and even Bradley would not be able to avoid punishment.

Master Forrest would take the brunt of the punishment. Even his position probably would not be guaranteed. The result was both expected and unexpected for Elder Maurice and Mr. Zayne. The two of them had complicated feelings as well. However, they could not say anything at that moment.

The Elder Hall in Phoenix Valley was a picture of silence. Normally, many low-leveled alchemists entered and exited the Elder Hall. Even though it was called the Elder Hall, its practical use was as an education center for low-leveled alchemists.

That day, the Elder Hall finally lived up to its name. At that moment, there were seven chairs in the hall, and there was an elder on each one.

From their attire, it was clear that the ones in the middle were from the inner valley. Four outer valley elders sat by the two sides. It was clear who held the higher position by where they sat. The seven elders had gathered there for the sake of Sky Peak Pavilion and Phoenix Valley‘s tournament. The tournament had been held at Sky Peak Pavilion, and this day was the day the tournament officially ended.

Earlier, Elder Maurice had already sent news that they would return to Phoenix Valley in about half an hour. However, Elder Maurice only said that the tournament was over and that they were on the way back. He did not reveal the results of the tournament. The seven elders drank tea as they discussed the results of the tournament, and all of them believed that their chances of winning were safely high. After all, none of them thought anything of Sky Peak Pavilion.

Sky Peak Pavilion might be an eighth-grade clan, but they never prioritized cultivating alchemists. Even if only alchemists from the outer valley had been sent this time, they were still the best of the outer valley.


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