No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2724

Conrad was about to die from jealousy, deeply envious of all of Jackie’s accomplishments. Jackie was not just better at alchemy than everyone else, but he was even an accomplished fighter.

God truly played favorites, and Jackie was the apple of his eye. He seemed like a speck of insignificant dust, while Jackie was akin to the brightest sun in the sky.

Conrad was in an incredibly unstable mood at that moment. In his arduously bitter state, he spoke, “Did he hide his strength to surprise everyone? I got to hand it to him, he did it. Our jaws are about to hit the ground. You know, that’d be ridiculous if he did.”

Elder Maurice heard that and immediately retorted, “Don’t speak nonsense just because you’re skill-less. Jackie hid his strength, but he didn’t know what the contents of the tournament would be! He didn’t know he’d be facing a phoenix. The proof is in the pudding, and you can try all you want to smear Jackie, but it’s pointless!”

Conrad’s face reddened at that. He knew that the words he said earlier were twisting the truth, but he still could not stop himself. He had been berated in front of everyone and felt incredibly embarrassed.

Meanwhile, Master Forrest coldly looked at Conrad. If word about what happened here were to spread, everyone would think that Sky Peak Pavilion were sore losers, and they even tried to smear their opponents. It was definitely not a good look.

Conrad immediately shut his mouth upon noticing Master Forrest’s sharp gaze on him, not daring to say anything.

At that moment, Jackie had obtained five Green Phoenix Fruits and was walking toward everyone with the phoenix core as well. When he left the illusion and went into the buffer, he immediately saw everyone within the buffer looking at him with complicated expressions.

Elder Maurice was in no rush to praise Jackie. He merely looked at Jackie with a measuring expression as though he was an incomparable treasure.

Jackie’s lips twitched helplessly, not caring about how everyone was looking at him. He merely opened up his palm in front of Master Forrest. “You agreed to this before. These are all mine.”

Jackie’s words caused Master Forrest’s face to sour. Back then, he had thought that Jackie was just bragging when he said all that. Alas, it seemed like Jackie had said all of that because he knew how confident he was in himself and his skills.

With that in mind, Master Forrest felt a little depressed. Everything he had said came back to haunt him fervently, and he felt like an utter fool. His body stiffened, almost losing his composure. After calming himself down, he finally mustered a smile… One that looked incredibly forced and ugly.

“I have said that, yes, and I’m a man of my word. Everything there is yours. “

Jackie nodded. With these words, everything in his hands was his for sure. He had thought that the tournament would have just been a way for him to escape danger, but he had actually won himself a reputation and a small fortune.

After placing everything in Mustard Seed, Jackie was noticeably much happier. In contrast, however, everyone else looked much more tormented.


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