No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2723

“The phoenix was no match for him at all… That brat managed to kill a phoenix so easily that it died in just two moves! This is far too absurd!”

Everyone felt their hearts quivering upon hearing Master Forrest’s words.

It truly was far too absurd. If they had not witnessed it firsthand, they would never have believed it happened. They were not able to see Jackie’s skills up until this very moment. However, from what Jackie had shown, he had already broken through the spring solidifying realm.

Was he not an alchemist?

When could alchemists ever walk so far as a martial artist, or have that much talent?

Before Jackie entered, everyone knew of Jackie’s physical age. In a limited time, not only did Jackie become so accomplished in alchemy, but even his martial arts did not fall behind. It was far too inconceivable. Jackie’s results needed immense amounts of talent.

Even Elder Maurice could not believe what he had seen. He genuinely thought Jackie would perish in that fight, knowing that the phoenix was in the spring solidifying realm. However, everything that had happened after exceeded his assumptions.

After a long time, Elder Maurice suddenly turned to look at Mr. Zayne, who also shared his shocked expression. It was safe to say that he, too, did not know Jackie had that skill.

Elder Maurice grabbed Mr. Zayne‘s arm. “You were the one who brought Jackie into Phoenix Valley back then. Do you not know anything about him at all?”

Mr. Zayne gulped, his face etched with conflict and shock. He smiled bitterly and said, “I had thought that I understood him quite well, but I stand corrected. I had judged Jackie by my own metrics. I really never expected him to be so strong of a fighter. With his skills, he’d be a top-tier disciple even among the warriors of the outer valley.”

Bradley’s eyes glinted with derangement as he snarled, “He’s not an alchemist; he can’t be! If he’s an alchemist, then something is wrong somewhere, believe it. There’s definitely something wrong with him!”

Before this, Bradley’s ‘meltdowns’ were more due to him acting out of bitterness, but it was genuine at this moment, seeing as Jackie constantly one-upped him every time in every shape and form.

He could not accept it at all.

Master Forrest frowned. Even he knew that Bradley could no longer stand it. In truth, he was already at rock bottom as well, but he could not allow Bradley‘s meltdown to regress into a much darker state.

Master Forrest took a deep breath. “Calm down. Haven’t you heard that there’s always a mountain higher? Even if you go completely crazy, you can’t overturn his results.”

Those words seemed to be a splash of cold water upon Bradley’s frantic heart. He froze as both of his hands shook slightly. He knew that he had lost his composure, but he could not possibly compose himself.

It was not just Bradley, all of the participants were in a similar state as well after seeing Jackie’s results. They initially had better control over their mental state, but the aftermath of Jackie’s short-lived battle with the phoenix sent them into a frenzy of discussions as well after Bradley lost control.

Claude raised his voice, saying, “Now I’m wondering if I’m dreaming. Jackie is already at the spring solidifying realm. No wonder I could never see how strong he was… He purposely hid his skills from us!”


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