No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2722

After all, the core of a phoenix would be worth quite a lot.

Jackie activated the laws of space as he flickered before the phoenix, much to the phoenix’s despair.

Although desperate, the phoenix still had pride in itself. Despite knowing that it could die in Jackie’s hands, the beast refused to admit defeat or beg for mercy. With that, the phoenix used up every bit of its power to use its natural-born skill, ready to gamble on its own life just to potentially injure Jackie.

The phoenix’s eyes suddenly glowed in an icy-blue color as cold energy condensed from its stomach. It suddenly opened its mouth as it shot out an immense cold energy at Jackie. The cold energy was incredibly unique, so much so that the surrounding temperature plummeted harshly when it shot out the energy. If one were to look closer, however, the cold energy looked like it was blue flames instead.

Jackie raised an eyebrow, immediately recognizing the attack as the phoenix’s natural-born skill, the Ice Flame. He let out a smile, not surprised by this act at all. He activated Destroying the Voice once more, and the black energy formed into a blade as it clashed against the phoenix’s Ice Flame.

Everyone heard a clash, and Ice Flame was split into two by Destroying the Void. Ice Flame exploded in waves, dispersing before it could even graze Jackie.

The pitch-black aura was raring to go still, even after destroying Ice Flame. It did not slow down as it headed right for the phoenix’s head. The phoenix let out an ear-piercing cry that reverberated across the air.

The pain of a soul was not something a human or beast could withstand. The phoenix itself was already far weaker than Jackie in the first place, and its cry of agony did not last that long before it collapsed soundlessly. Its body convulsed and slowly stopped moving. The phoenix’s blue eyes had lost their light, and it died.

Jackie merely cocked an eyebrow, his expression barely changing. Even as he watched the phoenix breathing its last, he calmly retrieved a dagger from Mustard Seed and slashed at the phoenix’s stomach. With a slash, the beast’s faint blue blood stained the grass. Jackie did not even blink as he reached out into the phoenix’s stomach for a moment. With a twist of his hand, the faint blue core was in Jackie’s hands.

Everyone had seen what happened, and everyone practically lost their minds with widened eyes and gaping mouths. It was as if they had seen a ghost!

Even Master Forrest had nothing to say.

Everyone fell silent. Even the deacons that were in hiding for protection were all dumbfounded, and they were stuck in a flabbergasted state from the moment Jackie slashed at the phoenix’s talons.

None of them could escape their deep shock.

It took a long time before Bradley broke the silence, blurting, “Am I seeing things? The phoenix lost to Jackie?! I’m probably seeing things… This is all an illusion!”

As he said that, Bradley still maintained his earlier expression, his eyes nearly popping out of their sockets. He had never lost his composure so much before. It was mainly because what had happened was far too unbelievable. It was something that he would not have even dreamed of because it was too absurd.

Master Forrest’s lips twitched. “This has to be an illusion, yes! What alchemist is this formidable? Isn’t this guy just at the innate level? How could an innate level warrior torture a spring solidifying realm beast to death?!”


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