No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2721

“Has Jackie lost his mind? He’s insane right now, he has to be, for trying to take on that phoenix! Does he think he can kill a spring solidifying realm beast?”

“He’s done for… Jackie won’t survive this at all! He was way too cocky in wanting to face a spring solidifying realm beast, even if he’s a credible alchemist!”

Bradley snorted at this. Jackie, to him, was a dead man already, he could never survive going up against a phoenix. Forget surviving the encounter, Jackie would just die with the swipe of a talon!

Elder Maurice was near tears at this point, overridden with anxiety. He was close to rushing in to save Jackie.

The deacons that were standing guard, meanwhile, were all stunned as well. They were responsible for ensuring the participants’ safety, which meant that they would be liable if anything happened to Jackie. However, Jackie’s actions exceeded their expectations.

He actively chose to go toward the beast!

Alas, Jackie cared not what the others were thinking, he focused solely on the phoenix before him. In just a flash, he was less than a meter from it.

The black sword in his hand swung forward, just in time as the phoenix swung its sharp talons. In the eyes of the phoenix was immense disdain, feeling like Jackie was too desperate to meet his maker.

One swipe, and that man was done for, the phoenix knew that much!

A second later, the phoenix’s talon clashed against Jackie’s sword, and, in the process, Breaking the Void staggeringly destroyed its claw. The gray energy let out an enormous shockwave, turning into a rotting power that sliced the phoenix’s talon in two. The wound visibly turned black at a rapid pace, bubbling as if it was poison.

The phoenix cried out in immense pain, no longer sounding prideful of itself. The cry it emitted this time was of pure agony due to the pain. The phoenix had been too sure of itself. It had thought that it would be able to kill Jackie with just a talon, but in a surprising turn of events, its talon had been the one that was ripped into two in the end.

With that, the part that was cut off fell onto the grass as well.

Jackie chuckled darkly. This phoenix was the most foolish beast he had ever met. It was far too arrogant, thinking that everyone else was stupid.

Why and how would Jackie dare step up against itself if he was not a capable person? He did not have a death wish, of course!

Jackie was already in the same realm as the beast and had already broken into the spring solidifying realm days ago. On top of that, not only did he have an upper ultimate god technique in his arsenal, but Destroying the Void was also already above the second stage. Jackie would even dare to face a late stage spring solidifying realm beast, let alone one at an early stage.

The beast finally realized its error at that moment, and it no longer wanted to prolong the battle as it began to back away despite the special chain that restrained the beast. Fortunately, it was long enough that it granted the phoenix much room to back up.

The phoenix, at that very moment, wanted nothing more than to avoid confronting such a powerful person… Yet Jackie would not give it a chance to do so.


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