No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2720

Mr. Zayne turned to look at Elder Maurice with a concerned look on his face, “What do we do? What is Jackie trying to do? What kind of plan does he have?! I’m not so sure about this anymore. He’s facing a spring solidifying realm beast here!

“In the eyes of a spring solidifying realm beast, Jackie is just an oversized ant at the innate level, and he won’t be able to take a single blow if he just rushes up to the best! S-Should we go and pull him out of there?”

Mr. Zayne knew that they would automatically lose if he did that, but a loss was a loss. If Jackie died in this event, the punishment that awaited them would be unimaginably harsh when they returned. They might even end up suffering corporal punishment apart from being demoted!

The moment he thought of the punishment he could get, Mr. Zayne automatically shuddered, mentally prepared to blame Jackie for everything.

Elder Maurice thought for a long time before he shook his head. “I trust in Jackie; he’s a very prepared person after all. Don’t you remember? All of us doubted him during the first stage, but he’d never been that emotional.

“Someone like him does everything incredibly seriously. If we just rush in like that, we’d just ruin his plans. We have to be confident in him, come what may!”

Mr. Zayne nodded, feeling like he was practically forced to think in such a way. He silently prayed for Jackie, hoping that he would not just dive in for a fight. That would just kill him!

Jackie waved, condensing the 75 Soul Swords into a massive Soul Sword that floated in front of him.

The massive Soul Sword glowed a dark

color, but it suddenly turned into dots of light in a flash. It merged into the gray sword in Jackie’s right hand. At that moment, Jackie was already almost at the perfect stage of Destroying the Void.

As long as Jackie managed to condense the final 25 Soul Swords, he would be able to reach 100 Soul Swords, the strongest state of Destroying the Void. An ultimate god level technique was something no one could easily contend against.

Only the best disciples of eighth or ninth – grade clans would be able to train in techniques of that level at this age.

At that moment, the phoenix was aroused from its lethargic state, rising from the ground. As it stood, it measured up to about 9 meters tall, and compared to the beast, Jackie was like a rat facing a cat.

The phoenix roared as its disdain-filled eyes stared right at Jackie. While it might not be as sharp as a human, it was still perceptive in its own right.

Even though it could not see how strong Jackie was, it had seen the other participants who had entered, as well as their level of capabilities. With that, the phoenix had lumped Jackie into the same level as them and saw him merely as an ant at the innate level.

The phoenix felt incredibly amused that the ant dared to raise a weapon against itself. The cry it let out right after might have been due to how amused it felt as it stared at Jackie.

It raised its head arrogantly and lengthened its claws, but Jackie did not even blink at the phoenix’s reaction. His lips curled upward as he aimed his sword right at the phoenix’s head.

Under everyone’s widened eyes, he shot forward like a cannonball at the phoenix.

Everyone saw the scene, and their hearts started to beat rapidly.


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