No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2719

After all, Jackie was far too talented. Even if he was in the inner valley, he would be able to scale up the ranks easily. Losing the tournament would already be a big crime, and if they failed to protect Jackie, their punishments would no doubt multiply.

Elder Maurice could not help but shudder at the thought as he turned to look at Mr. Zayne, who was already staring at him. They could see the helplessness in each other’s eyes.

At that moment, Claude raised his voice, to which everyone heard him say, “Wait, what? What’s he doing? He pulled out his weapon!”

All eyes turned sharply in Jackie’s direction soon after. At that moment, he had already retrieved his gray sword from Mustard Seed and held it tightly by the hilt.

Those plans that they were all talking about could really have worked, but Jackie did not need them. The phoenix was just an early stage spring solidifying realm beast; it was not worth much of his attention and effort.

He held his sword in his right hand as his left hand constantly moved, forming seal after seal. A streak of light in gray formed in the air as Soul Swords were formed, one at a time.

In the blink of an eye, everyone watched as 75 Soul Swords were formed in the air. Everyone knew what Jackie was planning.

He was actually planning on facing a spring solidifying realm beast head-on. Was he crazy?!

“I think he’s run out of options,” blurted Claude. “He’s trying to fight a spring solidifying realm beast? He’s crazy! An innate stage fighter is trying to fight a spring solidifying realm beast? Does he think he’s a master martial artist?”

Since Jackie had deliberately left behind his internal injuries, none of them managed to see how strong he was. However, in their eyes, it was not important at all.

After all, Jackie appeared to everyone as an alchemist, and any warrior who decided to embark on the path of an alchemist would never be establishing their roots in martial prowess. Furthermore, his age was a limit, so he would only be at the middle stage of the innate level at most.

For a warrior who was at the middle stage of the innate realm at most to face a spring solidifying realm beast head-on was an insurmountable hurdle since the warrior would not be able to have any strong skills and abilities.

This summed up to one thing: Jackie practically signed his death wish.

Master Forrest took a deep breath as he incredulously remarked, “Does he not want

to live anymore? Or, is he that confident that he can beat a spring solidifying realm beast?”

Even Master Forrest and Bradley were confused by Jackie’s action. Something had to be wrong with Jackie’s mind, they thought -bad enough that he would think of fighting a spring solidifying realm beast!

It was like Jackie wanted to die that badly!

Sky Peak Pavilion was not the only party dumbfounded at the turn of events.

Even Elder Maurice gaped at the sight, his entire body trembling at the sight. That was the moment he felt the most conflicted in his entire life.

He had the urge to pull Jackie out at that moment, yet he was scared that Jackie had his own plans. It might all just be a ruse to attract the phoenix’s attention for Jackie’s other plans.

If he just rushed in, he might disrupt Jackie’s plans and lead to Phoenix Valley’s failure.

However, if Jackie truly planned on fighting the phoenix and he lost control of the situation, he could be killed by any stray talons. If that happened, they would not be able to walk away unscathed!

Even Mr. Zayne was beginning to lose his composure.


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