No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2718

What fueled Jackie to even think he could get a Green Phoenix Fruit and even claim the remaining ones for himself? Jackie’s way of thinking was too much for a regular person to comprehend!

Bradley snorted, mockingly saying, “Do you even realize what you’re saying?”

Jackie shrugged. “Of course I know what I’m saying, but it’s more important if you lot understand what I said. I don’t need to repeat my question; you just need to answer it.”

He did not want to waste time nor did he want to bother with everyone.

It was only then did Master Forrest conclude Jackie was socially inept, or something of the sort. Otherwise, Jackie would never have asked such a question.

If Master Forrest thought that Jackie was that capable, he would never have agreed to letting Jackie have all five Green Phoenix Fruits.

Nonetheless, Master Forrest nodded generously. “Alright, I agree. As long as you can get those five Green Phoenix Fruits, they’ll all be yours!”

Jackie sighed in relief upon hearing that, but he only took a breather for a moment. He had not returned to the buffer for that alone.

Jackie continued, “If I end up using too much force and the phoenix dies, I shouldn’t have to take responsibility, right? After all, the goal of this round is to collect the Green

Phoenix Fruits by any means necessary. As long as I get the fruits, I’ll have succeeded. Killing the phoenix should be considered a method, yes?”

Just like before, confusion swept the people present at Jackie’s question. Even Elder

Maurice could not stop himself from frowning. He looked at Jackie speechlessly, not knowing what game Jackie was trying to play or why Jackie had returned.

Master Forrest’s lips twitched as he looked at Jackie incredulously. “Didn’t I mention this before? As long as you can obtain the Green Phoenix Fruit, it doesn’t matter what method you use. As long as you can get it, you will pass.

“I’ve also said that it doesn’t matter what method you use. Naturally, it means you’re allowed to go ham and kill the phoenix.

“Hearing this question, are you planning on fighting the phoenix? Let me remind you: the phoenix isn’t a beast with a warm temperament. If you provoke it, it’ll try and kill you, even putting its life on the line. Don’t end up losing yourself for your results!”

Jackie nodded before holding his head up high. “Don’t worry, that won’t happen.”

With that, Jackie turned and walked back into the illusory realm, leaving everyone speechless behind him.

Benedict could not help but say, “What is he trying to do? Jackie looks so desperate to me right now. Is he going to just try to poison the phoenix?

“The phoenix’s intellect level doesn’t matter. It won’t just hide if it sees someone trying to poison it. I think that Jackie’s just panicking at this point, trying every single method he can.”

Conrad nodded thoughtfully. “Jackie has already given up, I think. I genuinely don’t know what he’s up to.”

Meanwhile, Elder Maurice and Mr. Zayne looked at Jackie in worry, wondering what Jackie wanted to do. They were also trying to guess what method Jackie would use to get the Green Phoenix Fruits.

They worried he would be injured if he used too intense of a method. To the two of them, Jackie was already someone who meant something much more to Phoenix Valley. If Jackie ended up with an injury that he could not recover from, Phoenix Valley might consider them both as criminals.


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