No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2717

The others nodded in agreement and even sympathized with Jackie.

Meanwhile, Bradley’s lips curled into a cold smile as he stared at Jackie’s figure, able to guess what he was thinking of-conflict and agony.

Jackie seemed plagued with worry as he stared at the phoenix in the illusory array.

He looked at the phoenix, then at the five remaining fruits before he silently calculated what the fruits would be worth.

He did not know if he would be able to take those fruits after he took them, and if Sky Peak Pavilion would keep them for themselves.

Furthermore, the phoenix was a spring solidifying realm beast, its core capable of

fetching a pretty price. Other than the tournament, earning spirit crystals was the only thing in Jackie’s mind.

Spirit crystals were his biggest motivation.

Despite that, however, Jackie was worried that Sky Peak Pavilion would stop him from bringing it back. The thought echoed in his mind as he thought about it a few times, and he grew more conflicted every second.

He did not care about how much time had passed. So long as he beat Bradley’s record, Phoenix Valley would be able to secure their victory. Not that long had passed at that point, too; he had much time to spare in the limit he set for himself.

After deliberating things, Jackie decided to turn and walk toward the barrier.

Everyone in the barrier suddenly widened their eyes in confusion when they saw Jackie walking over. Was Conrad right after all?

Did Jackie regret his decision and wanted to return?

After entering the buffer, the illusion disappeared, revealing the scenery of the actual world to Jackie. Seeing everyone’s expressions, Jackie did not feel like anything was strange at all. After all, they did not understand how he worked.

Master Forrest smiled as he spoke, albeit with contempt, “Why have you returned? Did you not figure out a good plan? Are you back here to think about another plan? Perhaps you were just too impulsive and shouldn’t have rushed out.”

Jackie raised an eyebrow, not caring for Master Forrest’s mockery at all. He did not even look at Elder Maurice before he cleared his throat and said, “If I get all five Green Phoenix Fruits, will they all be mine?”

The moment he said that, everyone was stunned. They looked at Jackie with widened eyes, speechless.

“What is he saying?” blurted Claude.

Seeing everyone’s reaction, Jackie frowned before he repeated his words.

Master Forrest’s lips twitched. “What did you say? You want all five Green Phoenix Fruits, and you’ll want to take them all? Am I hearing things correctly?”

Jackie nodded. “Yes, I came back to ask you this. If I got all five Green Phoenix Fruits, will they all be mine? After all, I’m the last participant, and no one else will be taking part.”

Master Forrest’s lips twitched, finding himself at a bit of a loss. He had thought that Jackie returned because Jackie did not know what to do, but he never expected this to be why Jackie returned!


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