No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2716

Bradley’s lips twisted to a frown before they formed a cold smile. “Jackie doesn’t have what it takes. I was only able to think of this method because I encountered beasts on Grand Yorn Mountain, and for quite an extended period at that.

“Just think about yourselves, and you’ll be able to guess how Jackie is thinking. He’d only been on Grand Yorn Mountain for two or three days, and he hasn’t had the chance to change his views at all. Whatever he’s going to do next will only be what you’re capable of, more or less,” spoke Bradley, sounding so sure and firm in his words that none rebuked him.

They thought Bradley was making sense, anyway.

If Jackie had spent a lot of time in Grand Yorn Mountain like Bradley had and knew how cunning the beasts there were, he would be able to obtain a green Phoenix Fruit like Bradley had.

Conrad smiled and said, “I think he’d be more or less like us, just using a few pills with cold attributes, or maybe a few treasures to attract the phoenix’s attention.

“Nonetheless, the phoenix is a beast seasoned with experience, and it won’t be baited with just that. Everything he does will be useless. His result will ultimately be like ours, and he’ll return empty handed.”

Elder Maurice frowned when he heard that, coldly glancing at Conrad, but he said nothing in the end. The elder even had to admit that Conrad…made sense.

After all, only Bradley had dwelled at Grand Yorn Mountain for a significant period, and only then had Bradley been able to figure out a method. Jackie, on the other hand, did not have Bradley’s experience and naturally would not figure out the method.

Even if Jackie had something similar to Bradley in mind, the beast would naturally be more guarded after what Bradley did and would no longer fall prey to Jackie’s actions if he imitated Bradley.

Elder Maurice was frustrated that his mind had not worked quickly enough. It had taken him this long to realize something was wrong. If he had thought about it earlier, he would not have allowed Master Forrest to arrange things like this.

Jackie should have been the first to enter.

The phoenix would not have been as alert as it was already, and Jackie would have the highest chance of success!

Alas, it was all too late,

Jameson raised an eyebrow and said,

“Regardless, Jackie was overconfident. All of us more or less have some self-confidence,

but we would all wait in the buffer for a while for the sake of safety, composing ourselves first before hiding and moving accordingly.

“Jackie, on the other hand, just rushed without a care in the world and, because of that, is locking eyes with the phoenix right now. His thoughts truly boggle me!”

Everyone focused on Jackie, who merely stood still before the phoenix after he finished. He crossed his arms as if he was thinking about something, but he did not move immediately.

His behavior merely confused everyone else even more.

Conrad burst into cackles. “I think he’s starting to regret things! Everyone’s naturally more excited when they get in. He just wanted to deal with the phoenix as soon as possible.

“He rushed in without a care in the world and now he’s in a panic, not knowing what

to do. Just look at how he’s just staring at the beast!”


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