No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2715

He did not know if Jackie had the skill. Bradley did not care what everyone else was thinking as he continued explaining, “The freezing pills can’t just release cold energy, they also numb the sense of smell. With those two effects, of course, I could deal with the phoenix!”

Hearing that, the others still did not really understand. Bradley frowned as he cursed in his heart. All of them were idiots. After that, he patiently continued explaining.

“Even though the phoenix won’t consume the pill, phoenixes have always liked places with dense cold energy. After the freezing pill lets out the cold energy, the phoenix would still slowly get nearer to the pill, even if it won’t eat it.

“That’s the effect I wanted. After tossing the freezing pills in, I scattered in some bewildering powder. In order to not attract the phoenix’s attention, I scattered them on the wild grass.

“The bewildering powder had always been colorless and possessed a mild smell. With the attraction of the freezing pills, on top of the scent numbing effect, the phoenix would not be able to smell even if i was close.

“Naturally, it would not be as alert as before. The phoenix is still a spring solidifying realm beast. A small amount of bewildering powder won’t have much of an effect, so I quietly waited in the buffer.

“I only dared to walk in after over half an hour. When I entered the illusory realm, the phoenix immediately rushed at me when it noticed me. Yet, it had already inhaled a lot of bewildering powder, so it did not have the strength to attack at all.

“I took advantage of its weakness to rush to the Green Phoenix Fruit and got myself one,”

As he said that, he shook the Green Phoenix Fruit in his hand. He had explained so much that anyone who still could not understand was probably mentally challenged.

In truth, the method was not that difficult, but the rest of them had not thought about it at all. They even neglected a very important problem. After all, they had not been in Grand Yorn Mountain that much compared to Bradley.

Bradley understood the habits of beasts very well. Even though they knew that beasts could be intelligent, they habitually ignored the fact. They thought of the phoenix as some wild animal that only knew how to kill. That was the reason for their failure!

Claude grumbled, “Why didn’t I think of that!”

Bradley could not help but laugh coldly when he heard that, “I managed to think of that method so quickly purely because of my experiences in Grand Yorn Mountain.

“Even if I had people protecting me, I still encountered various dangers. These beasts are all cunning. I had the protection of the buffer and the phoenix was chained.

“I just needed some small tricks to get it. It’s just that the rest of you are too dumb. That’s the only reason you felt that this stage is too hard!”

After Bradley said that, the other participants all turned red in their ears. Even if they did not like it, they still could not find any retort to Bradley. That was because they really were too dumb if anyone looked at it from Bradley’s shoes.

After a moment, Benedict suddenly said, “What method do you think Jackie will use? Could he end up using the same method as Bradley? Utilizing the fact that phoenixes like cold, and putting poison in it to get the Green Phoenix Fruit!”


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