No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2714

For them to get the Green Phoenix Fruit was already a task that was considered arduous. Master Forrest let out a cold laugh when he heard Claude’s words and said, “Don’t just complain if you can’t do it. Each round had been arranged to be incredibly strict and difficult. You should never have participated if you don’t think you have the skill.

“Just because you can’t do it doesn’t mean others can’t. Didn’t Bradley successfully acquire a Green Phoenix Fruit?”

Those words felt incredibly insulting. Claude could not help but shudder at them. Elder Maurice frowned as he berated, “Just shut your mouth. Every time you open your mouth, you’re either trying to accuse someone or complain. Had I known of your character, I would never have allowed you to attend this tournament!”

Claude was incredibly reluctant to just let Elder Maurice berate him like that, but he did not dare to say anything. After all, he was still the cause of all this.

After they returned to Phoenix Valley, Elder Maurice might embellish the report about him if Elder Maurice did not like him. Then, he would end up being punished more than he should. For the sake of his future, he was forced to swallow his anger.

Conrad did not really care about what the people from Phoenix Valley were arguing about. The only thing he wanted to know was how Bradley ended up getting the Green Phoenix Fruit.

He limped forward next to Bradley and said, “If you just used the freezing pills, the results would have been the same as ours. Since you managed to successfully get the Green Phoenix Pill, then you must have used a different method, right?”

Bradley glanced at Conrad bofor calmly, “It’s true that the freezing pills were only part of the ruse, but they were incredibly important. Have you forgotten what the freezing pills are used for?”

Conrad frowned, thinking for a moment before answering, “Freezing pills can be consumed and used externally. Consuming them can help restrict any fire-based poisons.

“Used externally, it will automatically release dense cold energy into its surroundings! However, is that capable of going against the phoenix?’

Bradley nodded. He had never planned on keeping this a secret anyway. After all, the method Bradley had used was not a special method at all. It was just that all the others. were too stupid, and used dumb methods instead.

He calmly said, “The phoenix isn’t stupid. It naturally won’t entertain any pills that are just casually thrown out. However, I didn’t throw the freezing pills for the phoenix to eat.

“I didn’t put any poison into the pills either. I threw the pills in purely for them to release cold energy.

The other participants were all confused by the explanation. Not a single one of them understood what that would do. Yet, Master Forrest and Elder Maurice immediately did.

When they designed the tournament, they had acted through how finishing the third stage could be done. Bradley’s method was the one they had thought of, and it was simple and reliable.

Even Elder Maurice could not help but nod at it. Bradley was definitely much better than anyone who was average in terms of both talent and skill. He had relied on his own skills to get the Green Phoenix Fruit. Thinking about that, Elder Maurice started to get worried about Jackie.


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