No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2713

“I’ve already seen the introductions on phoenixes in ancient archives before. Phoenixes’ liking of cold energy is the first trait listed. I tried to use that point. After entering the door, I took out ground frost pills that are dense in cold energy.

“The effects of ground frost pills shouldn’t be worse than freezing pills. In the buffer zone, I mixed poison with the pills and tossed them out. However, the phoenix did not fall for it at all. All the phoenix did was glance at the pills and shut its eyes, ignoring them!”

After Claude finished talking, everyone nodded in agreement. It was obvious that everyone more or less knew of that special characteristic. They had tried to use it to their advantage but did not succeed.

Conrad said, “I threw quite a few pills with cold characteristics. It wasn’t just pills, but

weapons as well. Yet, they never managed to attract the phoenix.

“The phoenix would just look at it before turning around. It didn’t look like it wanted to eat them as well! We knew about freezing pills as well. Furthermore, freezing pills aren’t actually that dense in cold energy. Why did yours end up working, while ours didn’t despite our various tries?”

Conrad’s last words were precisely what all the participants were thinking. All of them widened their eyes as they looked at Bradley curiously. Even Elder Maurice, Mr. Zayne, and the others were looking curiously.

Bradley coldly laughed, “What do you think phoenixes are? Even though they’re beasts, don’t assume that beasts lack intelligence.

“Do you think they’ll obediently fall for it just because you threw in some pills with cold energy? Do you think they’d end up consuming poison so obediently?!

“The phoenix is already matured and is already at the spring solidifying realm. There’s no way it could be that dumb. At the very least, it wouldn’t fall for such a shallow trick. If you don’t understand, think about it in another way.

“If you were the phoenix, and some alluring pills suddenly got tossed in from the outside, would you just dumbly run over and eat everything?!”

Those words caused their faces to redden. Bradley had hit their weaknesses on the spot. Be it before or after they entered the illusory realm, they had never considered the phoenix’s intelligence.

They only thought about using the special characteristic of the phoenix to lure it to eat the poison. They would then have the best chance to get close to the Green Phoenix Fruit.

They forgot something important. Even though phoenixes were beasts, they were

still not beasts of low intelligence. Before it was caught by Sky Peak Pavilion. It had been staying in the incredibly dangerous Grand Yorn Mountain.

Grand Yorn Mountain was a gathering spot for beasts. An unknown number of beasts dwelled within, and an unknown number of beasts died every day. If it were not smart enough, it could not have possibly survived on Grand Yorn Mountain for that long.

Shallow tricks like that would not be able to even fool beasts. After Bradley said that, everyone’s minds were finally enlightened. Claude said miserably, “Since it’s so intelligent and its skills are far above ours, how could we have gotten the Green Phoenix Fruit with only an hour’s time!”

Claude started to complain again. Even though the others did not continue with his words, most of them agreed with his views. There were way too many problems that were in front of them.


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