No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2712

The moment Jackie entered the formation, the people in the buffer had all lost their reservations. After all, only Jackie had yet to finish the third stage.

Everyone stared at Jackie with widened eyes, especially Bradley. Other than excitement, there were no other emotions in his eyes.

At that moment, his mood turned incredibly complicated. He had already used every trick in the book that he could. He was certain that Jackie would never be able to get the Green Phoenix Fruit simply because Jackie just did not have the ability to!

Jameson said, agitated, “What do you think Jackie will do to get the Green Phoenix Fruit? My mind is a mess at the moment…”

“I’d already tried everything I could. I even went in and put my life on the line. In the end, I got injured, and couldn’t even get my

hands on the Green Phoenix Fruit. The phoenix is just way too smart!”

After Jameson said that, everyone nodded except for Bradley. During the round, they had thought of various plans before, but everything went down the drain after they entered the illusory realm and faced the phoenix.

Not a single one of them managed to get through. Jameson, Conrad, and Benedict all got injured while deciding to put their lives on the line. At that moment, the few of them had complicated feelings in their hearts.

Conrad stared at Bradley, and after a long time, he finally summoned up the courage to ask, “Bradley… Now that Jackie’s entered, there’s no need for the rules anymore. Could you help answer our questions? How did you get the Green Phoenix Fruit?”

Conrad was incredibly curious about it. He knew what Bradley was like. Even though

they were all alchemists from Sky Peak Pavilion, Bradley looked down on them.

Conrad might not be willing to accept it, but he did not dare to say anything in front of Bradley’s immense talent. Just asking the question had taken him a lot of courage. After all, Bradley had always only cared about himself.

If Bradley did not want to say it, one would only be faced with cold words even if one asked. Bradley’s mood was quite complicated and a little worried at that moment. After hearing Conrad’s question, he looked up into Conrad’s eyes and swept over the other participants.

Everyone looked at him with excitement. It seemed like everyone really wanted to know how he got the Green Phoenix Fruit. Bradley raised an eyebrow and let out a cold laugh, “Since you all want to know so much, I’ll tell you.”

After saying that, Bradley looked toward the illusory array. At that moment, Jackie was not moving at all, just like before. No one knew what he was thinking. The phoenix had already opened its eyes and was locking gazes with Jackie.

If the phoenix had not been chained, it would definitely have rushed over and torn Jackie apart. After looking at him for a few moments, Bradley finally answered, “The method is actually very simple. I spent so long in Grand Yorn Mountain, and I’ve met phoenixes like this before. They like eating cold energy, so any materials with cold energy are incredibly alluring to the phoenixes. I used a freezing pill.”

The moment he said that all the participants widened their eyes. At that moment, they were not filled with curiosity, but confusion, Claude was the first to speak, “All of us are aware of that special point of phoenixes. I might be an alchemist focused on refining pills, but I’ve at least memorized the introductions to


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