No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2711

They were forced to swallow all their words as they looked at Jackie. Master Forrest was ecstatic. His smile was so wide that it threatened to split his face.

If it had been the right place to do so, he would have started to clap in celebration. He had been so obvious with what he was doing, but the brat had still fallen for it! He would do everything he could to affect the brat’s performance the moment the round started.

It was obvious without even thinking about it that the brat would definitely try to use the knowledge he had to get a Green Phoenix Fruit. Only, they did not know if Jackie’s method would be effective or not.

No matter what method he had in mind, Master Forrest decided that he would definitely do everything he could to disturb Jackie. Jackie immediately saw through Master Forrest’s thoughts, and a smile of disdain formed on his face.

At that moment, Bradley had a pleased expression on his face as he gave way to Jackie. Jackie looked coldly at Bradley. Bradley had reverted back into that emotionless master.

Sure enough, a good amount of his earlier temperament had been faked. It was all done in order to provoke Jackie. Jackie could not help but shake his head at the thought, tossing all those thoughts to the back of his head.

He started to walk forward and pushed the door open. Everyone else followed closely behind him. The buffer was about three feet away from the door. Any forward would be an isolated barrier.

It was an isolated space. Everyone could see the scene within the space. In the illusory realm, a large phoenix was patrolling within. At that moment, the phoenix’s eyes were half open and it had a lazy look on its face, but no one dared to underestimate it.

After all, the phoenix was already in the spring solidifying realm. If it had not been restrained by a chain, it could have rushed over and ripped half of the people there apart. Jackie looked at the phoenix and sighed.

The phoenix might have already matured, but it was still not that old. It was still only at the early stage of the innate level. As Jackie walked forward and entered the illusory realm, he suddenly heard a wave of discussions.

He immediately knew that Claude was talking. “He’s far too confident. A phoenix isn’t that easy to deal with. If he insists on forcing it, it won’t end well for him.”

Those words might sound like it was advice for Jackie to not be impulsive, but it was

filled with a sense of mockery. Jackie smiled coldly as he turned around abruptly. Claude seemed like he would never stop.

Jackie had already warned Claude before, but Claude seemed like he had already forgotten it. Jackie was not someone who forgives so easily. He had only temporarily let Claude off because of the special circumstances.

However, he was already at the last round, and the brat no longer had any use.

Jackie suddenly smiled coldly as he said in a low voice, “Remember everything you said just now. Don’t regret it later.”

After saying that, Jackie turned around and walked into the illusory realm. The illusory realm was so realistic that Jackie was actually fooled.

After entering the formation, he was fully submerged in the illusion. After that, even the ground behind him turned into a green plain. Sensing that someone had entered,

the phoenix’s eyes slowly widened.

The phoenix was blue but had no wings. Instead, it had two talons both front and back. Its sharp claws had a vague chill to them, even if one was not near them.

The sharpness of the talons could be felt from the coldness. Jackie turned to look and found that he could not see the people within the buffer, but he could still feel their gazes on him.


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