No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2710

“As long as you’re standing within the barrier, they would not be affected in any way,” Master Forrest emphasized his words.

They would also be able to see what was happening within the array. It had to be said that the buffer was incredibly well-made. It gave them the perfect opportunity to witness Jackie’s competition!

Elder Maurice’s face darkened, “Stop trying to twist the truth. Haven’t you wasted so many words just to witness Jackie competing? So what if Jackie has confidence? Does he need to let you look at him just because he is confident? Why does everyone else get to complete the round alone, but Jackie doesn’t get the same chance?!”

“You clearly have ill intentions for doing so. Stop trying to make yourself seem so nice!”

Master Forrest let out a cough as he had a wronged look on his face as if he had been framed for something massive. He looked up at Elder Maurice, “Please don’t accuse me like this. I’ve never said anything bad about Jackie from the start. I just raised the suggestion because he seemed so confident. In truth, we can all just stand at the buffer. It won’t affect Jackie at all. We’ll just be able to quietly spectate him.

“Even if we said anything, it would not affect Jackie. You’re so fervently trying to stop this just because you aren’t confident in Jackie. Why are you insisting on pinning the blame on me instead?”

When Elder Maurice heard that, he almost spat out blood in anger. Jackie frowned as he reached out and pulled at Elder Maurice’s hand. He looked up with a consoling expression at Elder Maurice. The matter would only cause constant arguments if it continued. He really did not want to bother with them at all at that moment

Jackie looked up at Master Forrest and said sternly, “Since you want to watch me so much, just head inside and watch. I’ll give you the chance to witness it together so you won’t end up trying to argue the results.”

After he said that, everyone‘s eyes widened.

Master Forrest’s eyes had a strange look to them. Even though he had tried his best to push things forward, he had not had a hundred percent confidence. After all, no one there was an idiot. He clearly had ill intentions, everyone could see that. However, as long as it was still remotely possible, Master Forrest would do his best to make it happen. However, he never expected that Jackie would agree before he even exhausted all his avenues.

Jackie had agreed to it too easily, causing Master Forrest to stumble a little.

Elder Maurice turned back emotionally at that and said, “Are you crazy? They clearly don’t have good intentions. They’re trying to disrupt your performance!”

Mr. Zayne walked over with a worried look as he said, “Even though you can’t see them, you‘ll still be able to hear any loud discussions. This group wants you to fail. They’ll purposely waste their voices to affect you! What are you going to do then? You’re not responsible if you agree just like that!”

Jackie sighed, understanding Elder Maurice and Mr. Zayne’s worry and fear. However, he had never been worried about it.

He smiled bitterly and replied, “Don’t think about it too much. The fact that I agreed means I have my reasons for doing so. Since they are so eager to see how I perform then just let them look. You have to understand, I’ve never been someone who lets the words of others sway me. There’s only one reason I’d agree to that. I don’t care if they’ll affect me at all. Even if you start fighting in the buffer, it won’t affect my results at all.”

Jackie was incredibly resolute as he said that, leaving no room for doubt.

Elder Maurice and Mr. Zayne could not help but frown. They still had a lot to say, but since Jackie had already said so much, it would not look good if they were not willing to let it go.


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