No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2709

Jackie could not help but laugh at those words.

So Master Forrest had said all that so he could have everyone enter the door to see the process of him getting the Green Phoenix Fruit. It would give him pressure and would let Bradley vent a little as well. As long as Jackie did not do well, Bradley would be able to mock him on the sidelines. Only Master Forrest would think of a plan like that.

Bradley looked at Master Forrest gratefully. If the situation had allowed it, he would have shot Master Forrest a thumbs up. That suggestion had been too perfect.

As long as Jackie agreed, they would be able to pressure Jackie and Bradley would be able to witness Jackie‘s failure personally. This would enable Bradley to gain all the confidence he had lost previously.

It would definitely be better for his future. Even Bradley had been able to see through it, so Elder Maurice and Mr. Zayne naturally could as well. Their faces were steely as they stared at the Sky Peak Pavilion.

The two of them felt that the people from Sky Peak Pavilion really do feel like everyone else were idiots. To think that such a low-leveled tactic would work out, was a complete joke!

Elder Maurice stood in front of Jackie as he said, “Aren’t you violating the rules at this point? Why did everyone else manage to enter the realm so easily? You singled Jackie out to prove things to you. Don’t think we don’t know what you’re trying to do. You’re just trying to attack Jackie’s confidence and bolster the confidence of that brat of yours!”

Master Forrest did not get angry at those words but laughed instead. He opened up his hands and said plainly, “I don’t have any of those intentions at all, but aren’t you very confident in Jackie? Since you’re so confident, let’s witness his victory together. What’s wrong with that?”

“Didn’t you hear what I said earlier? I said all that just to satisfy Jackie’s self-confidence. I don’t mean anything else by it!”

At that moment, Master Forrest was basically saying everything he could to accomplish his goal.

Elder Maurice started to pant in anger after hearing that.

Mr. Zayne merely frowned and said, “Impossible! This is absolutely impossible! If this whole group enters, it’ll absolutely affect Jackie’s results. You’re just doing all this to affect Jackie’s final results!”

Hearing that, Master Forrest continued to shake his head earnestly as he said, “The barrier behind the door was erected by both of us. After entering, there’s a three-foot-wide buffer. As long as you stand inside the area, you‘ll both be safe and be able to see everything that’s happening within the realm. However, the people or beasts within the buffer would not be able to see the people within the area. So, Jackie won’t be able to see us but we can see him. That way, it won’t affect his results!”

Initially, they had erected the buffer just in case of any emergencies. If the phoenix managed to escape the chain, they would still be able to run to the buffer and assure their safety. After all, behind the buffer was a natural barrier!


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