No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2708

In truth, the solutions seemed very simple in Jackie’s mind. All he needed to do was to hurry up and participate in the third stage. After the results are out, they would naturally shut up. Yet, Bradley had made an adamant judgment that Jackie would fail the third stage. Then he would also try to leave hastily after he was out to prevent himself from being laughed at.

If that happened, Bradley would not have had the chance to regain his dignity or laugh at Jackie. So, before Jackie entered, he wanted to laugh and insult Jackie in front of everyone, as well as attack Jackie’s confidence.

Jackie could see all of that through Bradley’s actions.

Elder Forrest did not want the atmosphere to get too awkward. After all, Sky Peak Pavilion was still working together with Phoenix Valley. If the two sides ended up fighting, it would be bad for future developments. Master Forrest took a deep breath as he glanced at Jackie. He knew Bradley’s plan.

He really wanted to continue with Bradley’s plan as well and accomplish Bradley’s role, so he let out a laugh, “You’re definitely incredibly talented!”

He had said that right at Jackie. As he said that, Master Forrest’s expressions were strangely warm as if he was an elder who was consoling Jackie. However, to Jackie, he looked like a wolf that was staring at a sheep and definitely had no good intentions.

Master Forrest had always been a schemer. Jackie never listened to any of his praises. As usual, Jackie remained silent as he quietly looked at Master Forrest.

At that moment, Master Forrest did not really care about Jackie as he continued, “Before the first round started, I’d thought that you had been forcibly brought over to make up for the numbers. Yet, the truth proved me wrong. I actually failed to see how exceptional you are. In terms of alchemy, even Bradley isn’t a match for you. You’re way too excellent. So excellent that even I have started to envy you. Why aren’t you an alchemist from the Sky Peak Pavilion!”

As he said that, he was actually somewhat truthful, even if he did not have any good intentions. After all, Jackie had done far too well. If the two others had not dragged him down, Jackie would have been enough to bring Phoenix Valley to victory. That fact had no room for doubt.

Elder Maurice frowned as he said unhappily, “Stop saying all these ill-intentioned words. Do you think I don’t know what you’re doing? You’re the host of the tournament. You should be ushering Jackie in right now instead of wasting your time like this!”

Master Forrest laughed as he nodded earnestly, “You‘re right. I’m really wasting everyone’s time right now, but I have my reasons for doing so. Please do listen…”

After his explanation, Master Forrest did not stop at all as he continued, “Even if you got good results in the first two stages, you won’t be able to show off that much skill in the third stage. However, I still trust in you. Since you’re so confident in yourself, you must have a perfect plan. However, you should keep in mind that the proof of the pudding is in the eating…”

“I can understand why you’re so confident since you‘re extraordinarily talented! However, we don’t think your talent in alchemy will allow you to get the Green Phoenix Fruit. You’re such a proud person. Why don‘t you use that pride to show us what you’re capable of!”

Everyone widened their eyes at those words, suddenly understanding why Master Forrest had said so much.


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