No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2707

Jackie smiled lightly, not denying anything.

What had he experienced in the two or three days in Grand Yorn Mountain?

First of all, he encountered trouble in the skies of Grand Yorn Mountain, and the spirit vessel fell from the air. The three of them arrived at the outer area as the spirit vessel fell, thanks to their luck. They were only around the outer area and the edge, and most of the beasts there were only at the early stage of the spring solidifying realm.

At the time, his relationship with Rudy and Grayson was incredibly bad. If the situation had not been so dangerous, the three of them might have actually fought each other on the spot.

After experiencing the attacks from the one-eyed snow wolf, and meeting Hansel, as well as a lot more things, the three of them finally arrived at the territory of the Seven Absolutes Pavilion’s Middle Province Alchemist Alliance branch.

In truth, all those things they had experienced were actually quite interesting. It was not as useless as Bradley claimed. However, he would not bring those up in front of all of them.

Bradley suddenly took things further at Jackie’s silence by saying, “Did you finally realize how ill-prepared you are and how impossible it is for you to get the Green Phoenix Fruit?

“If you know you can’t do it, then stop pretending that you can do anything. You’ll definitely lose in this tournament. You’ll definitely be carried out in the end!”

Bradley’s words were as if he was incredibly sure of himself as he spoke. Jackie’s eyes glinted when he heard all of that, finally understanding Bradley’s plan. Bradley was trying his best to attack Jackie’s self-confidence. He wanted Jackie’s self-confidence to plummet, affecting the final results. In terms of composure, Bradley is already incredibly crazed. It was exactly because of that Jackie did not realize Bradley’s plans underneath that crazed exterior.

Jackie thought about it and finally let out a helpless smile.

In the end, Bradley was still not that confident in himself. If Bradley really was that confident, he would definitely not have said that at the time. He would not have tried so hard to insult Jackie. He wanted Jackie to admit that Jackie was not that capable. He just wanted to use that last chance to ruin Jackie’s confidence and mess up Jackie’s plans, influencing the final results.

Jackie’s lips twitched helplessly, feeling like Bradley’s actions were really indescribable.

Did Bradley really feel like it would affect him?

Probably because Bradley’s actions were far too obvious, but even Elder Maurice and Mr. Zayne had realized Bradley’s goal.

Elder Maurice furrowed his eyebrows as he walked to Jackie’s side, putting a hand on Jackie’s shoulder and voiced out, “Don’t think that everyone will listen to you just because of what you said. Don’t think that everyone will feel like what you said was right. Didn’t you swear that your results would completely trounce Jackies before? Yet, your results in the end never stood up against Jackie. It’s not like Jackie doesn‘t know the rules, and it’s not like Jackie doesn’t know what he’ll be facing. Yet, he’s still confident. It shows that he had his own plans. Isn’t it too absurd that you’re using that little bit of information you have to determine if he will win or lose?”

With that in mind, Elder Maurice had his gaze fixed on Bradley‘s body, deliberately letting out his aura to push Bradley back.

Master Forrest hurriedly rushed in front of Bradley when he saw the situation, putting himself between them. He unleashed his aura to match Elder Maurice’s. In a flash, the two of them were at odds.

Jackie merely twitched his lips speechlessly.


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