No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2706

Bradley said loudly, “I was able to get the Green Phoenix Fruit because I spent a whole year training in Grand Yorn Mountain. I saw countless beasts during that time and collected a lot of materials. Even though I had people to protect me, I’ve encountered danger and almost lost my life a few times! These experiences might have been dangerous, but they’re a valuable treasure to me. If not for those experiences, I would never have been able to achieve such a result in the third stage!”

After he said that, Bradley abruptly turned around with widened eyes as he asked in an accusatory tone, “That’s why I have the courage to judge you! Have you ever entered Grand Yorn Mountain?”

Jackie even nodded. He had indeed entered Grand Yorn Mountain before. He had even stayed there for two or three days.

Seeing Jackie nod, Elder Maurice suddenly breathed a sigh of relief, feeling like his prayers had been answered. Mr. Zayne was in more or less the same mood as Elder Maurice was.

When the two of them heard Bradley’s accusations toward Jackie, there was a knot in their hearts. When they saw Jackie’s nod, they suddenly relaxed.

Since he has entered Grand Yorn Mountain before, he had naturally gone through various trials that involved various beasts. On top of that, Jackie’s expression was incredibly calm which showed that he was confident. Their confidence in Jackie was suddenly back.

Master Forrest and Bradley suddenly took a deep breath when Elder Maurice and Mr. Zayne breathed that sigh of relief.

Jackie had entered Grand Yorn Mountain before? Would he not have some understanding of beasts?

Could he really be able to get the Green Phoenix Fruit in the third stage?

Just thinking about that possibility caused their expressions to sour immediately. Their earlier calmness had already disappeared as well. However, Bradley was not willing to admit defeat. He quickly followed with a question, “How long were you in Grand Yorn Mountain?”

Jackie frowned, counting it in his mind before saying, “About two or three days!”

Those words caused everyone’s moods to turn around again. Elder Maurice and Mr. Zayne, who had already breathed a sigh of relief, started to tense up again. Meanwhile, Master Forrest and Bradley relaxed.

Two or three days was not enough to do anything in Grand Yorn Mountain at all. The two of them felt like Jackie had probably just passed by Grand Yorn Mountain. They probably did not have any practical or valuable experience.

Bradley laughed and said, “What’s the point of being there for just two or three days? You probably never even met any of the common beasts, let alone accumulate any experience. The third stage is testing your common knowledge and intelligence. No matter how many plans you have, they’re all useless without basic knowledge.”

Jackie’s lips twitched helplessly. In truth, he did not really want to hide anything, but there were some things that would not be believable even if he mentioned them. He had experienced a similar situation before. Even if he said the truth, everyone else would just laugh at it. They would say mean things and laugh by themselves.

Ever since he experienced all that, Jackie learned his lesson. No matter how loud the accusations got, he would not reveal the whole truth.

Bradley continued to shout, “What could you possibly do in two or three days?!”


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