No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2705

“The third round doesn’t rely on that, so it’s impossible for you to get the Green Phoenix Fruit. Stop trying to act so pleased in front of me. I know you’re just pretending right now. You can trick others, but you can’t trick me!”

Jackie’s lips twitched speechlessly. He was not planning on lying to anyone at all. Bradley put himself up on too high of a pedestal.

He coldly snorted as he said, “I don’t know where you got the bravery to assume all of my thoughts from. Why do you think everything I’m doing right now is to trick others? Why do you assume I won’t be able to get the Green Phoenix Fruit?! I’m the only one left right now anyway. You’ll see for yourselves if I can get it or not!”

Jackie no longer had the patience to talk to that group of people. He felt like saying another word was a waste of his time. After he finished his sentence, Jackie was about to walk through the door when Bradley blocked his way.

Jackie frowned as he complained, “What are you trying to do? I’m trying to take part in the contest. Are you trying to stop me?”

Bradley shook his head as he said seriously, “I hate looking at pretenders the most. Don’t think I don’t know what you’re planning to do. You plan on going in and getting injured before you faint and get dragged out. You’ll be able to spare yourself from awkwardness then. Even if we have a lot to say, there’s nothing we can say to someone who’s already fainted.”

Jackie speechlessly looked at Bradley. He felt like Bradley’s mind was like an inexplicable maze. Bradley even managed to think of things that had never crossed his mind before. He was even speaking with such certainty.

Bradley was sure that he would definitely let himself get injured after entering the door, using the chance to be carried out to save himself some awkwardness. He would not get any response even if he wanted to mock Jackie. Bradley only had one thing in mind at that moment, which was to regain all his lost dignity.

The source of that would be from Jackie.

Jackie let out a slight smile, “Is there something wrong with you? Why are you so sure I can‘t get the Green Phoenix Fruit and complete the third stage?”

After Jackie said that, Bradley looked like a cat who just had its tail stepped on, his hairs were all standing up.

He raised his voice, “Of course, you won’t complete it! How could you complete it?! You’re just someone with some talent in alchemy. You can’t do anything else!”

Bradley was practically screeching out his words. He looked a little crazed at that point. After everyone looked at Bradley, they did not know what to say. Even Master Forrest was frowning as he looked at Bradley with a conflicted expression.

He held his head high and shouted, “You asked me how I got the bravery to assume that you can’t succeed earlier?! Let me tell you where my courage came from right now!”

After saying that, he suddenly turned around and looked at everyone.

Jackie pursed his lips helplessly, not saying anything as he just crossed his arms. He quietly waited as he listened to what Bradley had to say.


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