No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2703

“He’s seen many strong beasts before. Even though there were people protecting him, he has learned and gained a lot of experience!”

Master Forrest caused Elder Maurice to be even more worried. Elder Maurice did not have the confidence that Master Forrest had because he was clueless about Jackie’s skills.

Before he met Jackie, he did not even know Jackie existed. If it were not for Mr. Zayne telling him about Jackie, he would not have even known What Jackie had experienced. In truth, Elder Maurice really wanted to thoroughly investigate and ask if Jackie could actually get the Green Phoenix Fruit at that moment. Yet, due to the rules, Jackie’s plans could not be revealed to him. All he could do was patiently wait for Jackie to complete the third stage.

At that moment, Elder Maurice felt like there was a large stone on his chest, causing him to not be able to breathe properly. Mr. Zayne was not much better either. The two of them were constantly looking at Jackie.

When the door finally opened, Bradley had his head held high as he walked out with a Green Phoenix Fruit in hand.

Everyone had their eyes on Bradley at that moment.

The Green Phoenix Fruit was only the size of a thumb. It had a cold aura about it. At that moment, Bradley’s right hand had a glove that was made of special material. That glove was capable of withstanding the bone-chilling cold, which is why he dared hold the Green Phoenix Fruit on his palm.

If he had just held the Green Phoenix Fruit with his bare hands, he would have suffered from frostbite. After all, he was only at the early stage of the innate level.

Jackie did some calculations in his head. It had only been a little over half an hour since Bradley entered the door. It was already considered quite fast.

He heard a series of footsteps coming in. Jackie looked up and noticed Conrad and Jameson limping over after their treatments. The two of them had already been given recovery pills and were already in a much better condition. They still needed rest but insisted on staying for the sake of being able to see the final result.

At that moment, the six participants were all gathered there. Everyone had their eyes fixed on Bradley’s palm.

Claude’s month was wide open, it looked like he could swallow an egg whole.

“He really did it… He’s really amazing!” Claude lamented.

At that moment, the others were far too shocked. They no longer cared about anything else as they started to discuss among themselves.

“How did he do it?! I tried before, but that phoenix was way too fierce. As long as I got even remotely close to the Green Phoenix Fruit, it would lunge over with its talons. My thighs were practically ripped apart! If it didn’t have that chain on, I’d have been eaten on the spot!”

“I hate that we still can’t discuss this. The moment Jackie completes his round, I want to investigate this to the end! It’s too unbelievable. I thought that none of us would be able to get the Green Phoenix Fruit!”

At that moment, Bradley did not care what everyone was saying about him at all. Whether it be praises or envy, none of it reached Bradley. At that moment, Bradley merely had his gaze fixed on Jackie.

He reached out his right hand with a cold smile as he waved the Green Phoenix Fruit in his hand and said, “So? Was I right?”


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