No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2702

That figure looked a lot like Conrad, who had entered the realm earlier. After a few moments, the door opened, and Conrad was dragged out by two stewards.

At that moment, Conrad was no longer brimming with confidence like he had been before. Instead, he looked like a wild dog that had just been violently beaten up. He could not even stand on his own. He sustained quite a number of wounds on his body. Some of them were so deep that the bone beneath was exposed.

He looked like he was in an even worse state than Jameson had been. Conrad was constantly crying out in pain as he was being helped out. Cold sweat riddled his forehead.

At that moment, everyone suddenly heard a cold voice that said, “Just like what I’ve thought, a piece of trash.”

That voice had naturally been from Bradley. He merely glanced at Conrad before averting his gaze, as if looking at Conrad would taint his eyes.

It was obvious from how Conrad looked that he had failed. Master Forrest’s mood suddenly plummeted. He had thought that Conrad’s would fare well and that he would be able to get a Green Phoenix Fruit.

He never expected that Conrad’s words were all just empty hot air. He never had that skill. However, he could not berate Conrad at that moment, or he would just end up being laughed at by everyone.

He furrowed his eyebrows as he ordered the stewards nearby to bring Conrad out, and treat his injuries. In truth, Jackie had really wanted to mock Conrad at that moment. After all, Conrad had bragged so much earlier as if he wanted to tell the world that he was the very best. Conrad had even mocked Phoenix Valley. However, Jackie managed to hold back from speaking. After all, it would feel like he was just rubbing salt on their wounds if he did.

Looking at the state Conrad was in, Elder Maurice would have been incredibly happy. Conrad had failed to get the Green Phoenix Fruit. The final results would be between Jackie and Bradley.

Yet, ever since Bradley’s earlier words, Elder Maurice had started to worry about Jackie. He was scared that Jackie would lose his bearing in the end.

Looking at Conrad being carried out, Elder Maurice could no longer stand it as he whispered to Jackie, “Do you think you can do it?”

Jackie nodded, not saying anything else. However, the more Jackie acted that way, the more anxious Elder Maurice got various thoughts started to surface in his mind.

Jackie knew that Elder Maurice was very nervous, but he did not say anything much. Sometimes, people could not be calmed down with just a word or two. He could not be bothered to waste his time talking too much.

At that moment, Bradley spoke again, “It’s finally my turn now. Just like I said. These pieces of trash did not even have to enter. It was always just a waste of time!”

After he said that, he walked right through the door.

At that moment, Bradley was just as confident as Conrad had been when Conrad walked in. However, Bradley had more of a reason to be more confident than Conrad did.

Conrad’s confidence had come from ignorance, but Bradley actually had the skill to back up his confidence. When the door closed behind Bradley, everyone took a deep breath.

Not a single person wondered if Bradley would be able to get the Green Phoenix Fruit. In everyone’s eyes, it was something that would happen for sure. Even Elder Maurice was sure that Bradley would be able to get the Green Phoenix Fruit and complete the task of the third stage.

After Bradley entered, everyone suddenly fell silent. Not a single person spoke as they all looked at the door quietly.

After a while, Master Forrest suddenly said, “He’ll definitely be able to get a Green Phoenix Fruit. After all, he was in Grand Yorn Mountain looking for materials for a long time.”


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