No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2701

Especially when Bradley was facing Jackie. It was as if the only thing Bradley wanted was to defeat Jackie.

Jackie frowned and said, “Don’t you think what you’re doing is really funny? Do you still remember what you said in the earlier two rounds? You gave the same evaluation and said the same words. Do you think you’ll be able to beat me just because you repeated it again this time?”

Bradley clenched his teeth and said, “This time, we’re not competing in terms of alchemy, but common knowledge and intelligence. How could you get the Green Phoenix Fruit with your meager skills? If you want to defeat the phoenix, you’d have to know its weak points. Don’t think I don’t know what you’re thinking about. Earlier, when Master Forrest was announcing the rules, you immediately looked doubtful when the phoenix was mentioned.”

“It proves that you don’t know about the phoenix at all. If you’ve never even heard of it, then how would you be able to get the Green Phoenix Fruit from it?!”

Jackie pursed his lips in speechlessness. However, thinking about it, the results might actually go the way Bradley had predicted if he had purely been an alchemist. Jackie would not have been able to achieve good results from the third stage.

At Jackie’s silence, Bradley continued, “If you came from the inner valley, I wouldn’t have dared to judge if you‘d be able to get the Green Phoenix Fruit or not. After all, the inner valley cultivates their alchemists on a whole different level. In order to raise complete alchemists, they would even bring those alchemists to Grand Yorn Mountain to collect materials and allow the alchemists to find hidden materials through practical experience.”

“An excellent alchemist doesn’t just need to be much better at refining pills than others. They also need to have very in-depth knowledge of materials and be able to get those materials for themselves. That’s the reason behind the third round of the tournament! You’re not from the inner valley, and you haven‘t been in Phoenix Valley for that long. You’ve never had the chance to receive proper training in this department.”

“You naturally won’t be able to get the Green Phoenix Fruit!” As he said all that, Bradley was brimming with confidence.

He had pride in him that could not be ignored. Jackie raised an eyebrow at that, remaining silent.

Jackie did not really care about Bradley’s words, but Elder Maurice and Mr. Zayne were definitely affected by them. That was because both of them felt like Bradley’s words were quite reasonable.

The two of them knew nothing about Jackie’s background. Jackie had not gone through any systematic education. It was already a miracle that Jackie was as skilled as he was. They did not think Jackie was all capable. The results of the third round were really uncertain. The two of them could not help but start to feel afraid…

Afraid that Bradley had really predicted the results. Even if Conrad could not get the Green Phoenix Fruit, Jackie would still end up losing to Bradley in the last stage. Then, all their hopes and dreams from earlier would be dashed.

The more Elder Maurice thought about it, the more worried he got. He could not help but look at Jackie. Jackie turned to look at Elder Maurice at that.

“Don’t listen to his words. He’s not me. Just care about the final results. The person you should really be worried about right now is Conrad,” Right after Jackie said that, a loud bang was heard from behind the door.

The few of them looked over at the same time and saw a figure slowly falling against the door.


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