No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2700

Elder Maurice was about to go mad. He shouted again, “Let me say this one more time, you’d better shut up right now! If you say another word, I’ll kill you!”

Elder Maurice was not joking at that point. If Claude continued talking like that, he would really do something to Claude, no matter where they were.

Even if Elder Maurice killed Claude, the others would not say anything at all. After all, Claude was an alchemist of Phoenix Valley. Claude was suddenly woken up by those words. Chills went down his spine, and he immediately shut his mouth. However, just because he said nothing, it did not mean the matter had passed. After some silence, Bradley suddenly said, “You’ll lose for sure!”

He had said that in a very matter-of-fact manner as if he was speaking the truth! Jackie could not help but look up at Bradley and noticed that Bradley’s gaze was on him as well. The two of them met each other’s gazes.

Jackie said in exasperation, “The results are still not out yet. I don’ t know where you got the courage to say you’ll win.”

Bradley laughed as he ignored Jackie‘s accusation and replied, “Those four pieces of trash won’t be able to get the Green Phoenix Fruits. In the end, it’s between the two of us!”

Bradley had said that in a very firm tone. Jackie was a little speechless, but he more or less agrees with what Bradley had said. Yet, Jackie knew that Bradley had said that because he did not want to compare himself to the others but only Jackie.

Master Forrest frowned as he looked at Bradley unhappily. Conrad, who he had his hopes on, was currently in the realm. Bradley’s words had clearly lumped Conrad in as a piece of trash as well.

Bradley completely disregarded everyone else.

Claude and Benedict had startled expressions. It was the first time they had ever been called trash. Even though the two could not be compared to that group, they were still nowhere near ‘trash’. However, no matter how unhappy the two of them were, they did not dare to say anything at that moment. After all, Bradley’s results were far above theirs.

Master Forrest let out a slight cough and said, “Those words definitely crossed the line a little. I don’t disagree with your evaluation of others, but Conrad should do alright.”

Bradley replied rudely at that, “No matter how well a piece of trash performs, how good could they get? He just happened to show off some talent during the second stage. Have you forgotten how badly he did in the first stage? Trash is trash. Even if they do well sometimes, they’re still trash!”

Master Forrest’s face soured at those words. It was the first time he had been shot down like that. Bradley rarely voiced his opinions, and usually had a face of nonchalance.

No one expected that he would say all of that. Bradley let out a grunt before he looked up and focused on Jackie, “The third match has always been a battle between the two of us. Even though you did well in the earlier two rounds, you definitely won’t beat me this time. You’ll lose terribly!”

As he said that, Bradley’s voice had a chilling tone to it.

Jackie frowned helplessly, feeling like Bradley had gone a bit mad.


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