No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2699

He was the one who gave the two of them hope. Claude‘s words were basically denying that hope from the two of them.

How could Mr. Zayne and Elder Maurice stomach it?

Even Mr. Zayne could not help but narrow his eyes and say in a low voice, “You’d better watch your mouth! Just because your results are bad and you didn’t do your best, you’re trying to discredit Jackie too! If Jackie wasn’t here, we’d have already lost, thanks to your bad results. How dare you question him?”

Claude was already getting desperate at that moment. Jackie’s earlier threats were no longer working. He only had one thought in his mind at that moment which was to rid himself of all the blame.

He took a deep breath and raised his voice a little, “You’re right. If not for Jackie, we‘d have already lost! But we can’t just say he’ll do well in the third round just because he did well in the earlier two. I’ve said it before, he’s an incredibly good alchemist, but this isn’t a test of alchemic skill. So what if he’s a talented alchemist? I don’t know much, but I know something very well. He’s not been in Phoenix Valley for a long time and has never gone to Grand Yorn mountain with the guards. He definitely doesn’t have the necessary basic knowledge! Since he knows nothing and has never been in the world, how could he possibly get his hands on the Green Phoenix Fruit?!”

“Shut your mouth!” Elder Maurice’s veins were already starting to pop. He had practically shouted at Claude with all his might.

Claude was completely exposing Jackie at that moment. He even mentioned when Jackie entered Phoenix Valley.

Sky Peak Pavilion’s group could not help but be curious and suspicious at that. They were curious about when did Jackie enter Phoenix Valley and suspicious about the fact that he was so good despite not having been there for that long. After all, no matter how talented one was, one would not be that strong without going through systematic growth. However, Jackie’s skills were already far above the five alchemists.

Even though the other five alchemists were not that amazing other than Bradley, they could still already be considered top alchemists. Otherwise, they would not have been chosen to participate in such an important tournament. All of them were masters, but they were unable to even put up a fight in front of Jackie.

Claude’s words sparked a sense of curiosity in everyone. Elder Maurice was so furious that he was about to walk over and slap Claude a few times.

Even Benedict, who had been grabbing his arm quietly by the side, could not help but look at Claude speechlessly. Benedict felt like Claude must have gone crazy. Otherwise, he would not have said all that.

He was practically digging a ditch for himself. He would definitely be punished even more when he goes back. He was really helping the outsiders.

Yet, Claude did not seem to realize how horrible the things he had said were. He continued to shout, “Was I wrong? He might be strong, but the third round isn’t what he’s good at. He’s never been to where beasts are found to collect materials. He wouldn’t know the basic knowledge and habits! If he doesn’t know, how could he get the Green Phoenix Fruit from the phoenix! It’s not like you don’t know what is being tested!”


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