No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2698

Jackie was suddenly speechless when he heard that. Claude was really acting as the pinnacle of stupidity.

Did he really think Master Forrest was trying to help him?

Master Forrest was clearly trapping him, but that brat still decided to jump onto Master Forrest’s words. He added oil to the fire once again and did nothing else. Elder Maurice was about to explode from Claude’s actions. His fists were constantly trembling as he clenched them, showing how furious he was at that moment.

Jackie felt like Elder Maurice should be trying his best to control himself. He was forcing himself not to send a punch right over and lost control entirely.

Conrad suddenly laughed and said, “No matter how hard you worked, you still returned empty-handed. What’s the point of saying so much?”

Right after he said that he turned around and walked toward the door. Looking at Conrad’s confident demeanor, everyone started to have complicated feelings in their hearts.

After Conrad opened the door, he turned to flash a confident smile at everyone. When he saw the complicated expressions on the face of those from Phoenix Valley, Conrad‘s mood improved. After that, he closed the door, and the atmosphere cooled down.

Jackie took a deep breath and looked at the still unsettled Claude, and was even more speechless.

Claude’s eyes constantly moved. It was obvious that he was still trying to clear his name and shed all responsibility.

In order to stop Elder Maurice from blowing up and losing control, Jackie could not stop himself from stepping up.

“You said you tried every method. There must have been dangerous plans among those. If you took the risk, you’d naturally encounter danger. There are incredibly strong warriors around you to prevent you from dying anyway. Yet, your clothes are still clean and intact. It means you’ve done nothing at all. You’re just saying all that to shed your responsibility,” Jackie said all of that with a firm tone, leaving no room for doubt. However, Claude still shook his head violently, not agreeing with what Jackie had said.

“I really was not injured because I was very careful. I know you’re very strong. In terms of alchemy, you leave us in the dust. However, the third round isn‘t about testing alchemy at all. It focuses on your adaptability and knowledge. It’s something Master Forrest said. Don’t think you’ll be able to win in the third round just: because you’re a good alchemist!” Claude’s eyes got redder and redder as he said that. He was incredibly emotional.

At that moment, Claude was doing everything he could to avoid responsibility. He did not want to get injured but did not want to be blamed either. He definitely did not want to be punished for dragging the team down.

Jackie’s words had been incredibly accurate earlier. If he admitted to it, it would definitely be bad for him later.

Jackie’s lips twitched helplessly, feeling like Claude was not acting like an alchemist of Phoenix Valley at all. Instead, he was acting like an alchemist from Sky Peak Valley, trying to cause Phoenix Valley trouble. Jackie was incredibly angry at those words, let alone Elder Maurice and Mr. Zayne.

Claude‘s words were just trying to discredit Jackie. To Elder Maurice and Mr. Zayne, Jackie was not just their stabilizing factor, but the biggest chance for them to turn the tables.


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