No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2697

It was no longer a matter of just dragging them down. It was a problem with Claude‘s own attitude as he had crossed the line. Even Mr. Zayne hated Claude at that point.

He shuffled over to where Phoenix Valley was. He knew that there was no way he would be able to avoid any consequences. After taking a few deep breaths, he slowly raised his head. When he saw Elder Maurice’s infuriated expression, his whole body shivered as he took a step back.

Elder Maurice coldly said, “You‘ve really disappointed me this time. Do you still remember what I told you when you entered? I guess you completely ignored it. You didn‘t even try at all, and only thought about not getting yourself hurt…”

Claude hurriedly shook his head at those words and replied, “It’s not like that. Elder Maurice, how could I dare to do that? I’ve already done my best. I’ve tried every possible plan, but it’s useless. I’m only at the early stage of the innate level, how could I dare to stand up against a spring solidifying realm beast. I tried using my smarts. I don’t know how the others got injured. They must have made a mistake somewhere.”

“I wasn’t injured purely because I was incredibly careful. That’s how I came out untouched by that spring solidifying realm beast…” As he said that, tears started to form in Claude’s eyes. It was as if Claude would start crying if he was questioned more.

Jackie pursed his lips helplessly, feeling like Claude thought everyone else was stupid. He felt like he was the only smart one. It would have been better if he had not said anything, but he made Elder Maurice even angrier after he did. Elder Maurice had not planned on saying anything too unpleasant initially.

After all, it was not just Phoenix Valley gathered there, but Sky Peak Pavilion as well. If he said too much he would just be laughed at.

Yet, Claude had added oil to the fire at that point, not reflecting on his mistakes. He was even trying to find excuses, so Elder Maurice was naturally infuriated.

“Why were you in such a rush to defend yourself after you came out? Do you think we‘re all stupid? You know yourself what you’ve done. If you really did put in the work, you wouldn’t have walked out unscathed!”

Hearing that, Claude felt even more wronged as he replied, “I really did do everything I could, but this isn’t a test of my alchemic abilities, but my adaptability. I did my best and couldn’t get the results you wanted. I really was very careful, and that’s why I wasn’t injured. It’s not because I wasn’t working hard.”

Elder Maurice felt that explanation was not convincing enough. Even though Benedict had failed earlier, Elder Maurice had not been so angry. It was because Claude really had a problematic attitude.

Master Forrest was no idiot, he naturally knew what Claude was thinking. As someone from Sky Peak Pavilion, the more Claude acted like that, the happier he got.

Master Forrest frowned as he said with a concerned look, “I can tell that you’ve definitely done your best. Otherwise, you would have come out way before. You wouldn’t have stayed in there for an hour. It’s because you were doing your best that you worked till the very last moment!”

Hearing that, Claude nodded immediately as he thankfully looked at Master Forrest, “Master Forrest is right. If I wasn’t doing my best, I wouldn’t have stayed in there for so long. It’s because I was trying to do as much, that I fought till the last moment…”


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