No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2696

Elder Maurice sighed as he continued, “After all, he had won the second stage for Sky Peak Pavilion. I don’t know if this kid actually has the skills.”

Mr. Zayne shook his head helplessly and replied, “Even though the core of this stage isn’t alchemy, I feel like we can‘t look down on this brat. We’ll have to count on Claude to get a good result. Only then will we have hope to win this tournament.”

Elder Maurice nodded and let out a wry smile, not saying anything. What followed was a strange silence between everyone. Jackie had not spoken the whole time either. He merely stood on the spot calmly, as if nothing would affect him at all.

Once an hour passed, there did not seem to be any movements behind the door. Everyone had lost track of time with how quiet it was.

Elder Maurice suddenly said, “Time’s up. Two of you, go bring him out!”

The time limit was set at an hour. If the participant did get the fruit within an hour, they would be cleared out and be considered a failure.

The moment Master Forrest said that the two stewards pushed open the door and entered the realm. When Claude was brought out, he did not have any injuries on him but was in a terrible mood.

His head was down, and he looked like his whole family had died. When he walked out, he did not even dare to look up at Elder Maurice and the others.

Master Forrest could not hide his smile anymore, “An hour’s already passed, and you did not get a Green Phoenix Fruit. You’ve already lost, do you acknowledge this?”

Claude nodded sadly. Master Forrest let out a pleased smirk but still said, “There’s no need to be so depressed. You’ve done your best. I think Elder Maurice won’t blame you too much, since you’ve tried your best.”

Those words caused anger to boil in Elder Maurice again, which had been precisely Master Forrest’s intention. Even Jackie frowned when he heard that. Claude did not even dare to breathe after he heard that. He knew that he had committed a very big sin. In truth, he had clearly known that he would not be able to succeed after half an hour. To avoid getting injured and to avoid Elder Maurice blaming him, he chose to stay inside for the whole hour. He only walked out after Master Forrest had announced that the round was over.

Jackie furrowed his eyebrows, somewhat speechless at Claude. Claude was even worse than he had expected.

There was not a single scratch on his clothes, it was obvious how safe he had been inside. No wonder that guy had been cursing how dangerous the test was. It seemed like he really valued his own body. At least Benedict had done his best and was even injured from it Claude had actually done nothing at all.

Thinking about that, Jackie shook his head helplessly.

Elder Maurice and Mr. Zayne were no idiots. They naturally knew what had been on Claude’s mind. On top of that, there were also those words Master Forrest had just said. Elder Maurice was starting to feel like he wanted to kill Claude.


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