No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2695

Conrad held his head slightly higher and said, “I’ll definitely be careful, you don’t have to worry. There won’t be any mistakes, I’ll definitely get the Green Phoenix Fruit. My plan is perfect. After all, the phoenix is being tied by a chain. All I have to do is…”

Conrad did not manage to finish his words when he was stopped by Master Forrest, “Shut up. You can‘t break the rules like this. Even if you already have your plans all figured out, you can’t reveal it prematurely and affect the results of others!”

Conrad‘s face stiffened, realizing that he had slipped up a little. Thankfully, Master Forrest stopped him, or he would actually have revealed his plans.

If someone else heard his plan and followed it accordingly, everyone would be able to get their hands on the fruit.

Conrad hurriedly nodded, “You’re right!”

As he said that, there was a glint in Conrad’s eyes. He was full of confidence as if any problems would not be hard at all for him to deal with.

Master Forrest’s lips twitched speechlessly. He felt like Conrad was being overconfident at that moment. If he had not stopped Conrad earlier, Conrad would really have blurted everything out. However, Master Forrest was very happy with Conrad’s current state, and he was a bit more confident. He had not been that confident in Conrad during the second stage, but Conrad had proven his abilities with his skills.

It had changed Master Forrest’s views on Conrad. Even if Conrad rendered him speechless, it did not change his confidence in Conrad.

Compared to Master Forrest‘s calm attitude, Elder Maurice was in a completely different state. Elder Maurice had his eyebrows furrowed at that moment, his mood was at its lowest point. His eyes would constantly dart toward Conrad.

Various thoughts flashed in his head. The more confident Conrad was, the worse he felt. After all, Conrad had been a key factor in the second stage. If Conrad had not refined a Three Suns Pill, the second stage would have been theirs. After all, Jackie had performed too well. However, Conrad managed to turn the tables at the very last moment.

With how confident Conrad was, Elder Maurice started to worry. He was worried that the results would end up like the second stage, and be overturned because of Conrad. No matter how good Jackie’s results were, it would be useless.

Elder Maurice got more and more worried as he thought about it. It was not just Elder Maurice who felt that way. Even Mr. Zayne was looking at Conrad with worry. At that moment, he felt like Conrad was a ticking time bomb that could blow up at any moment. Then, Phoenix Valley would not be able to gain any advantages.

Mr. Zayne whispered in worry, “Do you think his plan really will be that perfect? Perfect enough to get the Green Phoenix Fruit?”

Elder Maurice sighed as he said helplessly, “Even though this brat looks like he’s just bragging, we can’t make any conclusions at the moment.”


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