No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2694

Master Forrest was in a really good mood at that moment. He had even started to see hope for victory again. They had thought that Jackie would ensure that Phoenix Valley would have a very high chance of winning, but no one expected that the two other than Jackie would be such heavy burdens. It ended up with them having a chance at victory.

Master Forrest had been quietly waiting at the start, but he got more and more excited as he thought about it. He could not help but look at Elder Maurice and say, “Elder Maurice, you must know a lot about your own alchemists. Do you think Claude will be able to get the Green Phoenix Fruit?”

Elder Maurice knew that Master Forrest was incredibly pleased, but he could not just remain silent, since it would make him seem nervous. He lightly snorted and answered, “I do know about my own alchemists, but alchemy isn’t what’s being tested this time. Are you telling me you’re able to see what’s going to happen?”

Hearing that, Master Forrest let out a smile, “I really can. Bradley will definitely be able to get a Green Phoenix Fruit! As for Conrad, he should be able to as well!”

Master Forrest was clearly not sure if Conrad would be able to win, but he still said it in determination. Elder Maurice felt a little speechless at that.

Everyone waited for the results. Claude’s results were incredibly important. If he successfully managed to get a Green Phoenix Fruit, then Phoenix Valley‘s victory would be assured.

Phoenix Valley and Sky Peak Pavilion had a win each under their belts, so the third stage was pivotal in determining the winner. Even though everyone tried their best to control their emotions, they were still unable to hide their nervousness.

After winning the second stage, Master Forrest’s once extinguished enthusiasm soared again. He looked like he was about to soar into the sky as he constantly uttered some unpleasant words. However, he had already pushed away all those emotions. He merely stared at the door in anticipation, eagerly waiting for the result.

Probably because the atmosphere had been far too tense, or maybe because he felt like he was being ignored, but Jameson suddenly shouted out, “Master Forrest, don‘t worry. There’s no way he’ll get a Green Phoenix Fruit. Just look at how he was when he went in. He doesn’t really have a plan at all. I’ll definitely do better than he did. During the second round, my results were much better than his. The third round will be the same!”

After he said that, Jameson straightened his back as if no one on the Hestia Continent could beat him.

Everyone looked at Jameson when he uttered those words. Jackie frowned slightly, that guy was getting too pleased with himself. Ever since he won in the second stage, he had let it get to his head. He was even able to say something as blindly confident as that.

Elder Maurice looked at Conrad with a steely look on his face, resisting the urge to rush over and slap him. Mr. Zayne frowned, really wanting to mock Conrad, but not saying anything in the end.

Master Forrest glanced at Conrad. He felt the same way as everyone else, that Conrad had let it get to his head. However, having confidence was a good thing, and Conrad might actually have a perfect plan to get the Green Phoenix Fruit.

With that in mind, Master Forrest reached out and patted Conrad on the shoulder, “It’s good that you’re this confident, but you have to be careful. Even if you’ve already planned everything out, you have to move carefully and not make any mistakes.”

Those words sounded fine, but Conrad felt like Master Forrest was saying that because he was not that confident in him. Conrad was brimming with confidence at that moment, so he naturally got angry when he felt Elder Maurice looking down on him.


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